Sunday, December 11, 2011

I hear Christmas Music

Dear Family

WHOA! It is so weird being in the city... everyone is up to date (as much as you can be here). Last year I didn´t really hear or see too much American Christmas influence, but here in Cidade del Este, there is a ton! Super weird... I was with my new comp, Elder Tilleman, in the market and heard a bunch of Christmas music... weird... but anyway. That sounds like everything is going great for you all! Time is flying by pretty quickly huh? Cottage cheese... I forgot that existed. And sour cream... whoa. Way to go super tech mom! You are learning! Yeah!! :D Guacamole... Salsa Mexicana... whoa... you are blowing my mind... hahaha. Cool the Christmas party! Our end of year party for the ward is the 15th... there is going to be a talent show and we´ve been invited to do a skit, we the 4 missionaries. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What can we do? Hehehe...Well, I guess I will get started.

Well, like I said, I have a new companion! He is from Phoenix, Arizona, and has been in the mission for 6 months. He speaks really well for his time, and is starting to pick up Guaraní. Something I´ve forgotten a lot of, but it´s fun learning it again with him. I am his third companion, and Ciudad del Este is his 2nd area. And I am not a Zone Leader anymore, so I´m NOT IN ASUNCION!!! YEAH!!! That was pretty exciting news... not having to travel last night. Always such a bother. Traveling on the omnibus isn´t so much fun being tall... it´s hard to sleep. Oh, Elder Tilleman is taller than me (6´4´´ ish) super weird. My tallest companion by far. I feel little walking with him. I really miss Elder Eddy, he was a ton of fun to be with. We worked well together and had the same vision, which makes the difference in a companionship. We are working with Martirez and his kids, they are super awesome. We taught them the Sabbath Day last night and I really enjoy seeing their faith and growth. They have a baptismal date for the end of the month, but I would love for them to be baptized the weekend before on Christmas Eve. I can see it happening! We´ve got a lot of new investigators that we are working with, so we will see how they progress. I am just super excited to work with Martirez and with the members so that we can make the change in their family and see that great big smile that comes from a new understanding of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Love it!

Well, life is going good. We are working hard. I am always learning a lot. It´s hot but not too hot yet. The heat should be cranking up in these next few days and weeks. Gotta love the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, questions comments concerns? Jokes? I am all ears! Love you mean it let’s do lunch. Keep working hard! I love being a missionary! That´s the way to be! Take care of yourselves!!!!!!!!! CHAU!!!!

Con cariño

Elder David Watson

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