Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Companion - Elder Hatch From Idaho

Hola Familia!

Wow... too many things have happened in the past week and a half. Christmas was NUTS! Everyone celebrates Christmas Eve instead of Christmas, and they stay up until midnight with their barbecues and family, lighting off fireworks like there is no tomorrow. And there are some LOUD fireworks... a family invited us to spend the night to eat and have a place to be, but before the barbecue was fully finished, we had to go. We still ate some pretty good chicken though! :). I am glad to hear that the surgery went well with Michelle. She’ll be up and about in no time! She’s a tough cookie like that.  I received a letter from Spencer Brown, who is now in the MTC so I’ll have to get him a letter... along with everybody else! I am so slow! SORRY!!!! And I got one from Annie too... with a cool picture! It was awesome. Hahaha. But I will be working on that. I’ll be sending pictures home soon... my computer isn’t working very well so I will have to use another one on Monday. But that is alright! :).

Christmas Saturday was awesome; I got to talk with the family! And see them. That was pretty cool. This week was changes... I was told on Monday (by our District Leader) that I was going to be training. Elder Lamb, my old companion, didn’t believe him because our District Leader had pulled a little trick a long time ago and said fake changes. I was a little unsure because he told us that I was training. But... nope! They were real! So I headed out to Asunción at midnight, December 29, our bus broke down twice, got there at 7 in the morning, studied a little, talked with the other trainers, got trained by President Callan, and then met the new missionaries. 9 came, 5 Elders and 4 Hermanas. 6 Americans and 3 Latins. I was assigned to train Elder Hatch, from Idaho Falls, who could possibly know a friend of mine from BYU (Chelsie Cook). Now that would be funny! So we rushed over to the terminal, and we missed the bus. So we waited at the terminal until 5 to take another one, got to Encarnación at midnight, and then got home! That was my birthday! Hahaha. But I celebrated it on Monday because I didn’t know if I was going to have a change, and the family LOVED LOVED LOVED the German Chocolate Cake. I told you it was the best. :). They wanted to know if I knew the recipe for the cream or the cake. I showed them the box and the can and said I cheated. Haha. But they really did love it. It was fun see their little girl go crazy with the balloons.

Tuesday we said goodbye to people, Wednesday you already know, and Thursday is today! We helped Elder Curtis pack his stuff and took him to the terminal, went back to the apartment of Elder Rodriguez, the District Leader, and we had fun talking a mix of Spanish and English. Luckily Elder Rodriguez already knows English really well, so it was more of helping the new Elders (Elder Bowns, Utah is also training, he has about 6 more months than I do) use Spanish and telling stories from the mission. That was pretty fun. And now I am here.

I am so excited to be here in Paraguay and to be teaching the people and being a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can’t believe it has been a year; that I am not a teenager anymore; and that I am finally starting to understand how to become who the Lord wants me to be. It’s pretty darn cool! :) I am still amazed at how real the Book of Mormon is. It really is a true book that brings us closer to Christ. It really is another testament of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and because of him, we have the true Church of Jesus Christ. Like I have said a million times, if you don’t know what I said is true, you can ask God. He won’t lie. I like being able to trust in Him and receive the help and answers I need. It is plain in the scriptures: The Bible and Book of Mormon, that if we have a need, or have a lack of knowledge, or have questions, we can ask God with faith, and He will respond. I can say this because I have done it. I cannot and I will not deny what I have felt to be true. Maybe some people won’t believe, or don’t want to, but I know what I am doing is the Lord’s work. I know that there is one true church that teaches the true doctrine of Jesus Christ. I know there is a prophet of God here on the Earth, who is Thomas Monson. Every single person can know this is true, and all they have to do is… do their part and ask our Heavenly Father. Ya está! :)

Well, that’s time. I love you all! Take care of yourselves! I love you! Have a great New Year and I hope that you had a great Christmas!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAU!

Elder David Watson

Monday, December 20, 2010

Remember What Christmas is About

Hola Familia,

Wow... the time keeps flying by. I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas already. It certainly doesn’t feel like it... hahaha. We have been getting a LOT of rain lately too, which is really unusual for December in Paraguay. It NEVER rains, but we had had 3 weekends of rain, rain, rain, and this past weekend was the first without rain. That is pretty awesome that you are getting rain... it hardly ever rains back home. Haha. But I am sure the plants are loving it at least. Hehe. Really? Was President Murri before President Udall? That would be pretty awesome to chat with him if I got the chance afterward. :) (The Mission President in Ventura used to be the Temple President in Asuncion, Paraguay).

Well, this week. We had a special Christmas Meeting, but it was really like just another Zone Conference. With lots of Christmas touches... haha. I’m not complaining because I love the chance to listen and learn from my mission president. We really focused on setting goals and how our goals help us to achieve what the Lord wants. We talked about ... rendir cuentas... ummm, reporting back?... on our missionary work and how it helps us to grow and do more of what the Lord wants for us and for all of His children. We talked about making inspired goals and plans, all that starts with a prayer. Prayer, really, is so important! It’s a wonderful chance to talk with our Heavenly Father and receive inspiration. We have to make the efforts to make specific plans and then confirm them with our Heavenly Father. He wants us to be agents for ourselves, instead of waiting for an answer and sitting on our heels, He wants us to act, use our thinking, and then ask him if what we are thinking of doing is right. By showing our faith and our willingness to act, we can receive an answer from our Heavenly Father. On another note, I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning in Alma. He was writing a letter to one of his sons and talking about the commandments of God. Many times we think there is a grey area in between what is good and what is a sin. He tells us that the commandments of God are strict, not flexible, and a little later he commands his son to keep the commandments AS they are written. If I translated that in my head right. Alma 37:13 and 20. For example, Jesus taught that before a man who committed adultery was punished, but in reality a man who even looks to lust, or looks at women with the wrong intentions, or the intentions of committing sins, he is sinning all the same. I can’t express that right in English but I hope that comes across alright. That doesn’t mean we can sit there and think about bad things we can do, be it stealing, killing, whatever it is, it’s not just the 10 commandments but what Christ has taught us also. James 4:17 says that if someone knows what is right, but doesn’t do it, it is a sin. The bible really tells us the things that we should do, along with the Book of Mormon. Like a prophet says, the words of Christ will guide us in all things. We just gotta do it! It ain’t that hard! It’s right there in front of us. We don’t have to be perfect right away, but please make a commitment to do something better every day. You’d be surprised how something is a little better every day, for one month, is 30 things better. One year? 365 things better. It could be something simple as a smile to someone in the street, to reading a verse out of the scriptures, to say one more prayer, to say thanks to somebody... there are thousands of things. You’ll know what to do. :)

Well I am out of time. I really love you all! Remember the true meaning of Christmas. We worship our Savior’s birth. Take the time to read a little bit out of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John about our Lord and Savior’s birth and life. Take the time to put yourself in the shoes of a bystander there, one of the Savior’s disciples. Take the time to think, to study and to apply it to your life. The scriptures really come to life. You’ll be surprised. Be happy! This is the time of year to help other people, as it is with every day of our lives. Take care of yourselves! LES AMO!!!


Elder David Watson

Monday, December 13, 2010

We Had Divisions Last Week

A Storm
Dear family,

Wow... time flies and then it’s gone. It’s hard to believe that the year is almost gone. I am so excited to hear that life is going great for y’all! Life is great if you are busy! :D

This week was interesting! Monday was Pday... we wandered around the zoological park that we live in... There aren’t any signs and its a little weird following the paths deeper and deeper into the jungle. We did find a few animals; even saw an iguana about 3 feet long before it disappeared in the foliage. The pictures I have are alright, but maybe we will go back so I can take some new pictures. Oh the white headed turkey things are everywhere here... nobody knows their name either. They just call them gallinetas, or a form of gallina, chicken. I don’t know! Haha.

Tuesday was pretty awesome, we had a district meeting with the zone leaders and we talked about our potential as missionaries and what the Lord expects of us. I really like a phrase from it... Desde ahora – or from right now. The Lord doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but he does want us to repent and change. For example, if we aren’t living the law of tithing, He doesn’t expect us to pay everything that we gained in our lives, but from the moment we realize the importance and decide to start living the law. From when were obedient? When did we start going to church? When did we start reading the scriptures? When did we start doing family home evening? From now on. We can have a determination to make a change in our lives and the Lord will help us do it. I promise. :). The rest of the day was divisions, where I was with Elder Rodriguez from Arequipa Peru (He knows Hermano Clarke, my other MTC teacher) and we did WORK! He still doesn’t know his area really well, but that didn’t stop us from finding the family we were looking for and teaching! The cousin of the husband was visiting, and visits a lot, so we taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked her, if you knew this was true, when would you be baptized? The soonest I could. PURETE! How awesome! We visited later with another family, only the husband was there, who they teach, and we taught the Word of Wisdom, and taught about Desde Ahora, or from now on, and how he can be the example in his family. Yeah! We also invited him to be baptized the 1 of January. How about this for a baptismal date? 1/1/2011. The start of a brand new year with a brand new life. LOVE IT! :D. Anyway, divisions carried over to Wednesday where I went back to my area and we taught some recent converts.

Thursday we decided to explore a part of our area that we don’t know, Conavi, found a couple of families there to teach. Awesome! A recent convert family left to go teach with us... but nobody was home............................................... MURPHY’S LAW! Ughh. Just my luck. Hahaha. We found some less actives who were baptized about a year and a half ago and invited them to church. Friday we taught a family that is getting ready to be baptized, the husband told us he’d be ready the 2011... Saturday was good, we stumbled over the house of a member that we had no idea who lived there. We always passed his house and never knew it. Oops! Sunday was good, but again hardly anyone was home. But it has been a really weird December here... storms that begin every Friday and last until Monday... it’s happened for the past 3 weeks. Usually it never rains in December and it’s HOT HOT HOT! It’s quite an experience to be in a storm here... :)… We’ll just leave it at that. Haha.

Anyway, I am out of time. I love you all! Take care of yourselves! CHAUCITO!

Elder David Watson

Monday, December 6, 2010

Teaching to Act For Yourself


How are you all? Doing great? I hope so!! It’s so great to hear from you! Gospel Doctrine teacher! (Gina is now our Gospel Doctrine Instructor in church) Woo hoo! What an opportunity to learn! I am sure that you will love it and learn a ton!

Well... what’s new? Today we went exploring in the Zoo Park where we live... it wasn’t very well marked and we almost got lost in the back of the park because it’s all woods and dirt tracks that leads off to who knows where. There are a lot of pathways like that here in Paraguay. I’ve no idea where they lead to... we’ve even taken the chance to explore and check them out, but we only found small little fields in the middle of the jungle. What can I say? We tried! Hahaha. Eventually we found the road leading to the area we wanted to go. That’s what counts.

The work is coming along just fine. We have a family that is preparing to be baptized on the 18th, but right now we are helping them to find the answers to their questions and doubts, so that they know what the Lord wants them to do. We were going to have a baptism this week of a couple, but the girlfriend still hasn’t been able to get her birth certificate from the State. Her parents never had her recognized by the State so it’s like she doesn’t exist. We all know how the government works, but we are helping them to know how to find the way to be baptized and how to get the help from the Lord that they need. Something we have really been working hard to do is teach our investigators how to find answers for themselves through prayer and the scriptures. It’s one thing to believe what we say as missionaries, but it’s entirely different when they know they can receive an answer for themselves from our Heavenly Father. It helps them have the confidence that they can get the help they need from their own efforts. It is something that I have learned a lot about here in the mission field and about the purpose of life. We shouldn’t be little blind mice running through the maze trying to find the cheese. We shouldn’t be the donkey that has to be led by the rope. We need to learn how to make choices for ourselves. We need to learn how to get the help we need by the efforts we make. We don’t know everything, we never will, but our Heavenly Father wants to help us. But He also knows what is best for us. Sometimes He lets us struggle until we are humble enough to ask for His help. Sometimes He doesn’t answer a prayer in the way we want because it won’t help us in the long run. Sometimes He waits for us to make a decision and ask if the decision we have made is right. We will never learn if we never try. It’s impossible. It’s like a child. We can give them the answers to all of their homework, but when it comes to the test, what do they know? We might know the answers, but we know that they need to learn for themselves. They need to find the way to have success. Our Heavenly Father won’t rob us of the chance to learn and grow. That is our purpose. To learn, grow, and prepare for the day when we will appear before Him and account for what we have done. If we want to be stress free, tranquil and happy in that day that undoubtedly will come, the answers are there. What we need to do is make the effort. We need to read the scriptures. We need to know if they are true. We need to know if the Church of Jesus Christ was lost after His death and resurrection. We need to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that through him, the Church of Jesus Christ was brought again to the Earth. We need to know if Thomas Monson indeed is a prophet of God. Why do we need to know this? Why are there so many churches? Why are there so many ways of interpreting the Bible? Why are there hard times in our lives? The answers are there. We just need to make the effort to find them. We need to have the faith in a loving Heavenly Father that He will guide us to the truth. That is how we will find the peace and happiness in life. It isn’t money. It isn’t fame. It is living the commandments of God and knowing that He is blessing us because we are doing what He has asked us to do. As missionaries we always invite people to pray and ask God, our Eternal Father, in the name of  our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that what we teach is true. It isn’t just for people who aren’t Mormon. It is to everyone. Everyone can get an answer for themselves. I promise that if we make the effort, we will learn, grow, and know for ourselves really what God wants us to do.

Well, I am out of time. I love you all! Take care of yourselves! CHAUCITO!!!

Mucho cariño,

Elder David Watson

Monday, November 29, 2010

I love Teaching Families

Hola familia!

Hey! How’s it going? Sounds like you had an awesome week! I only remembered about thanksgiving because one of the members who served a mission in Uruguay asked me if the day of thanks had gone by. Oops... hahaha. Different culture, what can I say? ;) Wow!?! Bret Tomas got his Eagle Scout? Awesome! I’m sure it was great to catch up with the people back in Burbank… Too cool. That would have been fun to go to. Also it would have been fun to see that family madness of Thanksgiving.

Weelllll, this week went good. I am really excited that we are teaching a few families. For me it’s a whole lot better to teach a family and see them progress and make changes in their life and see the blessings that come from living the Gospel. For the most part we are really trying to find less actives and help them come back to church. We have had some success and it’s great to see more people come to where they belong. Sometimes all it takes is in invitation, be it from a member or a missionary. Some of the members went to visit people last Sunday and this Sunday some of those people came back. With all of the work that I have done with less actives, many times they still know that the church is true and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It’s just that something happened, they stopped going to church, and many times are nervous that if they go back someone will ask why they haven’t been coming. We can show our love to them and they will feel the spirit and receive the blessings of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well I have run out of things to say today. I am really thankful for everything that you do for me. I can never thank you enough for your love and support in what I do. I hope that life is going great for you! Take care of yourselves. LOVE YOU! Chau!

Elder David Watson

Monday, November 22, 2010


Elder Watson & Elder Lamb

Wow time flies. It feels like I was just here. It’s always great to hear from y’all and how your week has gone by. That’s awesome to hear about Dad’s progression. I bet he is really excited about being able to walk barefoot and the prospect of walking without pain again. Modern medicine really is such a blessing in our day. But what is more awesome are the blessings we receive from our Heavenly Father. Family, work, friends, inspiration, the scriptures, prayer... there are countless things that He has blessed us with. I love it! :)

Well things are going pretty good here in Encarnacion. It has been getting hotter and hotter, and really a new experience with the humidity. And they tell me it’s just the beginning. Woo hoo! Haha. It rained pretty good this weekend, lots of thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms! They are just amazing. We are going through a little bit of a rough time with the branch, but it is awesome to see the members and how they want to help the others come back and receive the blessings of our loving Heavenly Father. We are working a lot with the less actives because there are so many. It’s great to see the enthusiasm that the people have to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The hour is just about up, so I gotta go. I love you all and thank you so much for all of your love and support. I finally found a Correo Paraguayo so I will be able to send off some letters. Por fin! Haha. Love you!!!!!!!!!!
Con cariño

Elder David Watson

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes Came and Went, We are Still the Same.


How are you? Everything good? I hope so! 23 cakes? Mom, I thought that you were 21?!?!? Something’s not right... and I thought I was majoring in math... ;). That is awesome to hear that Brother Freeman got called to the high council and that Brother Conaway is working with the bishopric! Changes are always exciting and the Lord always makes them with many reasons in mind. I always thought that when I was called to be an assistant financial clerk at BYU that somehow I wasn’t as good as some of the others who were called as Elders Quorum President or something “higher”, but I realized that I learned many things that the people here in Paraguay needed. Maybe I thought before that I wasn’t as good, but really the Lord had something different in mind. Not to mention to lower my pride... hahaha. Humility is something hard to have... :).

Anyway, things are going good. I am feeling better... it took me almost the whole week to get better, but better I did get. Whew. Our district was not affected by any changes except for our District Leader, who is my old Zone Leader Elder Rodriguez. He’s is pretty awesome. :)  I am still here in Encarnacion, more specifically Curumbaty (I think that is how you spell it), with Elder Lamb as my companion. Life is going pretty great. I love being a missionary and learning what it’s like to learn from the Holy Ghost. Reading the scriptures everyday has been so awesome for me. Then when we are teaching and I get to use the scriptures that I studied that morning with the people we are teaching, it is amazing. The Lord knows what the people need, and as His servants, we are guided to study and prepare for the needs of every person so that they can come even closer to Christ. I don’t have any exciting stories to tell, just the red dust on my shoes from walking and talking with the people of Paraguay. It really is amazing to see how the Lord has prepared everything but still lets us make our choices to see if we will be obedient to His commandments and qualify for the blessing He has for us.

Well, I have run out of time. I love you all! I will try to write more next week! Chaucito! LES AMO!

Elder David Watson

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Companion - Elder Lamb

Hey all!

This week was rather interesting... we had a special change on Monday and now Elder Lamb is my new companion. He is from Alaska and has been in the mission for a year and 3 months. We have been trying to get to know the area and the members because we are both rather new. But it’s alright! We are teaching a lot of families, which is awesome, and doing the best we can with the little knowledge we have about the area. We have zone conference this week on Thursday with President Foster from the Area Presidency. IT should be really good. I am looking forward to learning how to be a better teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all will forgive me for my short letter. I am not feeling really well today. Changes are next week so I won’t have the chance to write again until next Thursday. I will probably be here in Encarnacion with Elder Lamb since we are both pretty new here. Thank you so much for everything! I love you!

Elder David Watson

Monday, November 1, 2010

No Halloween in Paraguay

Hey all!

Halloween? Doesn’t exist here. It’s was funny to see people’s reactions when I told them that little kids go door to door asking for candy. They were shocked! They asked me if the parents were worried about their kids going out and about at night and asking strangers for candy. I told them, yeah, but that’s the custom in the states. Even I thought it was a little weird looking back... hahaha. :D.

This week went pretty well. We have found some good families to teach. It’s been a lot easier to find people to teach here than in my other areas. I don’t know how that works... Life is just really good as a missionary. I have realized how different life is not being a missionary. Time really is precious and the way I used it before maybe wasn’t the best. I think I have learned more in my time here about how the Lord would have us live our lives and become better people in this short amount of time than all of my life before the mission. When we dedicate ourselves to the scriptures, even for a little bit of time every day, we find countless ways to come closer to our Savior. There really is a peace and happiness that we can find. Everyone is searching for something in their lives, and sometimes it takes a while to find it. But through prayer to our Heavenly Father, the scriptures, and living our lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will find it. Sometimes we find out what we thought we really wanted wasn’t all that important, and we find something that actually benefits our lives. I sure imagined a lot of things were really important before, but in reality, nothing is as important as our families. Families help us learn and grow, and when we come closer as a family to the teachings of our Savior and one another, there is a firm foundation to withstand every trial that we face, and every hard time that we go through.

Well, I am about out of time. I’m working on those letters! I love you all! Take care of yourselves!! Chaucito!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder David E. Watson

Monday, October 25, 2010

I know, it's been two weeks.

Asuncion, Paraguay Temple

Hey all!

Sorry about last week. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off (that is the right phrase in English, I think...) but the temple was awesome. I have noticed that the mission president from Arizona is sending me emails. I already I knew that I had one copy... but two? Ay ay ay!!!

Woo hoo Jacob! He is going to love it! That’s awesome! I am really excited for him! :D

Wow... how to sum up the past two weeks. I have really enjoyed getting to know the people here in Encarnacion. They are pretty awesome. We had two baptisms this past week, two young men Lucas and Victor. It was awesome to see their progress and the changes that have happened in their lives. We are working a ton with the less actives and recent converts here, which is really good because it is awesome to see their excitement and their progression. There is a lot more walking here in Encarnacion, and when it rains, it is a little hard to chug through the mud. It is kind of like cement the way it sticks to your shoes. Haha.

We had a District Conference this past weekend where we learned from Elder Costa from the Presidency of the Seventy, Hermana Jean Stevens (of the General Primary Presidency), and Elders Ballard and Packer from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was amazing to hear how their messages related to the doubts and questions of a family almost exactly to the point. I have really seen how the Spirit works when we teach and I am learning a lot in order to try and follow His promptings in order to teach the needs of every investigator. I love teaching with the Book of Mormon and the Bible... these inspired books have the answers to almost any and every question we have.

Well, I ran out of time. I hope that everything is going well for you all! Thanks for the letters I have received! This is going to be my first real P-Day (sort of) in 3 weeks so I am going to do my best to catch up. I love you all! Take care of yourselves!


Elder David Edward Watson

PS. Can you look for Grant Getts address? His letter got returned to me and they put a sticker over his address so I don’t know what it is. Thanks!! :D

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love My New Area!!

That Way to Encarnacion!
Hi family!

Heyyyyyyy! How is everyone? I am always excited to hear from home. That’s great that Dad finally got back to work! I am sure he was really tired of sitting around all day long. Homecoming week! Oh boy... am I glad I don’t have to worry about THAT anymore. Yay! :D 25 years?!?!?! (Cliff received his 25 year pin last week) Really has it been that much time! Congratulations! How fast did it go by? I am sure at times a little slow, but at other times really fast. I miss those stories from your 911 days... the only one I can remember at the moment is the crazy cat lady who called at midnight about aliens stealing her cats. Something like that... :).

Well, this weekend was rather exciting! I got to meet many of our investigators and members of the branch. The members are so awesome! They treat us like members of the family, which is something a little new for me. They just let us walk in to knock on the door, which is something that does not happen very often here. Everybody claps at the gate. Everybody. It kinda weirded me out the first time Elder Lopez didn’t clap and just walked up to the door. Élder López and I had a really great experience together. One of our investigators was having a lot of doubts about being baptized. A lot. She kept telling us yes, then no, then I’m not sure. But we went to the Lord and made a little questionnaire thingy with questions that we had prayed for. It was awesome to receive the inspiration we needed to help her come closer to our Heavenly Father. The next appointment we talked, handed her the questionnaire and let her fill it out. Afterwards we discussed her answers and why she filled them out the way she did. We felt the Holy Ghost so strongly during the lesson! We testified of what we knew to be true and invited her to follow her heart and the impressions that she had. We also invited her to put her trust in God with the answers that she had already received to her prayers. It was amazing to be able to follow the Spirit and be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. Yeah! We also worked all of Saturday with a recent convert teaching lessons. It was pretty cool!

It hasn’t even been a week and I already love being in this part of Paraguay. We are so busy it’s not even funny. We even have to cut a little bit of our Pday short to be able to teach the people that we have. I wish I had so much more time to tell you everything that goes on! The mission is a once in a lifetime chance to be able to be a servant of the Lord 24/7. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve these people and learn who the Lord really wants me to be. Thank you so much for all of your love and support! Also to everyone that has helped me to become who I am today. I am so grateful to be a member of the true Church of Jesus Christ and serve with His authority and power. There is no way I could ever convince anyone to be baptized and join the church, but through the power of the Holy Ghost, the people can learn and recognize the answer from God themselves. I have seen it so many times here and I am sure that almost every missionary can tell you the same thing. I love reading the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible, the words of Christ that help us become the type of people our Heavenly Father would have us be. I love you all! Take care!

Elder David Watson

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Transfer Week - My New Area is Encarnacion

Hey all!

Well, this time I do have news! Big time! I got transferred to Encarnación, 5th Branch to be with Elder López, who has a little bit less time than I do in the mission. It’s beautiful here, like almost every part of Paraguay. It never fails to amaze me how green this place can be. I got welcomed my first night with a big thunderstorm, wind, and some hail too. Well, the Branch President’s wife told us there was hail. The work here is really moving along! We have a lot of help from the members and if I thought everyone was friendly before, man the people here are so much more!! The dirt here is like Utah... really red! The parts of the branch I’ve been to so far are actually pretty nice - it’s not too much out in the middle of nowhere. Almost all the roads are either paved (not too common) or roughly laid with rocks, which is common here in Paraguay. It’s located to the southeast of the city of Encarnación itself. I think it is the closest I will ever be to the other Elder Watson while here in the mission. Our pension is located right outside of a local zoo, and Elder Lopez has told me that they let us in sometimes to help feed the crocodiles. Considering that there were some pet monkeys in my past area, I think that Paraguay is a little bit like a zoo itself. The animals wander around anyway... cows, chickens, ducks, geese, monkeys, snakes, ostriches, scorpions, dogs, cats... hahaha! But it is so awesome! :D. Anyway, Encarnación is a pretty good sized city, one of the biggest outside of Asunción, and I think it is a little smaller than Ciudad del Este. The members are extremely friendly and are pretty awesome. It was hard to say goodbye to my old area, especially to some of the families and to those I helped to be baptized. That is probably the toughest part of the mission, getting to love and care about the people only to leave.

Elder Lopez is from El Salvador, and has been out for 5 months. This is his first area and I am his 3rd companion. He played soccer, almost professionally, before coming out for the mission and is thinking about going to the States to play after. He teaches really well and knows how to help the people. He has a great desire to work and be obedient, and to qualify for the Holy Ghost so that he can be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. He’s 19 also, has 3 brothers and a sister, the oldest served his mission in Guatemala, and his brother is preparing to serve a mission too. I am really looking forward to working with him and learning from him, especially here in Encarnación.

Wow! General Conference! It was AMAZING! I missed the first session, but I had to opportunity to see the rest. The part I remember the best is Presidente Uchtdorf’s message about... in English... Beware of Pride and President Monson’s message about gratitude- Also Elder Kearson’s message about listening to the prophet, Elder Scott’s message, and Elder Eyring’s message. I don’t have my notes and am still a little tired from the long bus ride (7 hours!), so I can’t exactly remember what they were about. However, I loved listening and learning from servants of the Lord. They inspire me to do my best to become the missionary who the Lord wants me to be and to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Like I said before, being here in Paraguay is 100% amazing. Impressing. Awesome. I love learning from the scriptures and by a living prophet. I know with all of my heart that this is the work of the Lord and it is such a blessing to serve here and teach the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ, or His inspired teachings and lessons that help us to return to live with our Father in Heaven. I am running out of time, so I’ll end this. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your love and support! Take care of yourselves! Chaucito!

Con muchismo cariño,

Elder David Edward Watson

Monday, September 27, 2010

Short message: Sept 27

Hey everyone!

Well... this week. What can I say? We{ve been really digging down to find old investigators and new investigators to teach. Its been bit of a disaster on our part but these things happen. Not every week can be a great one.. We{ve been starting up a weekly night for recient converts and investigators and that actually has worked well. We{ve had some fun activites with the members. I think it will be a great help for the ward to unify the members and help the recent converts feel more welcomed and involved. Also, we had a service day in the stake. That was a lot of fun. I got to use a machete and everything hacking down weeds. That was before the members were able to find a weed wacker. Boy was I suprised to see one! :). I am pretty sure it was an Regional wide service activity, but unless the other Elder Watson did it, maybe it was just Paraguay. I am not srue there. But I am loving being here in paraguay with every chance that I have to learn.

It wasn{t the letter I promised, but I thought I would have more. Life is great! Hopefully I will have a lot more to talk about the next time I have a chance to write home. Take care of yourselves! I love you! More than I can say!

Con mucho cariño!

Elder David Watson

Monday, September 20, 2010

Joy - Bringing Souls to Christ!

Hola Familia!

How’s everyone? Things are just fine here. It sounds like you’re having a ball! Especially with In-n-Out. Woo hoo! That’s exciting that there are some new families in the ward. I’m sure that they are still getting accustomed to life in Fillmore, but that’s how we all are with change. If there is one thing that is constant in life, it’s change. I’ve sure learned that! But, truthfully, there is another constant in our lives too, and that is our Heavenly Father and His love for us. Just thought I throw that in there to mess with the popular saying. :)

Well... what’s new? Oh! Alejandro was able to go to the temple this weekend! That was exciting! It bummed me out that I couldn’t go with him, but he enjoyed the experience with all of the youth in the ward. I’m glad he was able to go and enjoy the peace and joy that the temple brings in our lives. It’s been so awesome to see him grow and progress. I really am beginning to understand the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants how much joy we can have to see one soul come unto Christ, and how much more we can have if we bring even more souls unto Him. It is a testimony to me to see how the Holy Ghost works in our lives and helps us to come closer to our Heavenly Father. I love being able to learn from the scriptures daily and have the assurance that I can ask my Father in Heaven if these things are true. We can have full faith and trust in Him and put our confidence that He will help us to where He wants us to be.

Also we had the temple president who came to visit us in our ward this Sunday. It was great to hear from him and his wife about their experiences with the temple. He gave a challenge for the ward to visit the temple as often as possible, as we are only about an hour away from it. The youth have plans to go every Thursday and as a ward 2 times per month. It was also great to hear the testimonies of the youth about how going to the temple has strengthened their faith in Jesus Christ and has helped them in their everyday lives.

Well... this is a short letter this week. I just don’t have anything to say today. I promise to write a better letter next week. I hope everything is going well for everyone! Have an AMAZING week!

Love you!

Elder David Watson

Monday, September 13, 2010

8 1/2 Months... Man Does Time Fly!!!

Elders Zambrano & Watson
Hola Familia!

It’s great to hear from y’all. School has started again? Already? Wow how the time flies!! I thought that school just ended for you. I’m glad that you got the classes you wanted! That’s always a good thing. I’m sure that it’s not fun to teach a class that you don’t really want. Wow! Flash took long enough! I’m glad that he has finally accepted Papa. Haha.

Everything is going great down here in Paraguay. Nothing really exciting. We had our ward conference the other day. It was great to hear from the leaders of the stake about how important unity is and how we can achieve it… I have really been enjoying working with Alejandro, ‘my’ most recent convert. It’s been so much fun to hear him teach and extend invitations to his friends and family.  The only bad part is that he lives on the OTHER side of our area, so it’s pretty hard to be down there all the time. It takes about an hour to walk to his house, so we try to work our way down there with our other appointments so we don’t spend an hour walking. I am really learning a lot from the people we teach. I think sometimes we learn more while we are teaching than those who are listening. I have really been discovering what this Gospel means to me and how it can help me in my life. It has also been a great blessing to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes the lives of those we teach and who accept our invitation to pray to our Heavenly Father to know the truth of it for themselves. If they do that and have the faith and the true intentions of knowing and acting for themselves, the Gospel makes an enormous difference. Black and white. I’m not saying that just because I am a missionary from my church. I am saying this because I have done the same things I’ve asked the people we teach to do. If I can receive an answer, if Alejandro received an answer, if the people we’ve been teaching have received answers from our Heavenly Father, we can have the confidence and faith that Heavenly Father can answer every prayer that is said intently and truly.

It’s always great to hear from home! I’m glad that Spencer has finally got his call, and that he goes in on our birthday! It amazing to know that missionaries receive their calls to the place where our Heavenly Father truly needs them to be. I hope everything is going great with everyone! Take care of yourselves!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder David Watson

Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprise Change! New Companion - Elder Zambrano From Columbia

Elders Watson & Silva
Hola Familia!

Well, this week has been an interesting one to say the least. We got a call from the mission office Friday morning letting us know the Elder Silva had a couple of hours to pack up and be at the office for a special change. It was a big surprise on our part, but it is alright. I know the area and our investigators, as well as I should, I have been here for 4 months now, so it was a fairly easy change. The biggest difference is the way we teach, because obviously Elder Zambrano, my new companion, isn’t Elder Silva. Haha.

The Box Made It!!
There really hasn’t been anything new this week. It’s been work like always, but a whole lot better because I get to help the people become closer to our Heavenly Father. I am so glad that we can teach the people, and if they have a desire to know if it is true, they can ask our Heavenly Father directly. Like Paul said to the Corinthians, I know this is true because I have learned through the Holy Ghost that it is so. I have not been convinced by any person, only by the influence of the Holy Ghost. I am glad that we can have the confidence in our Heavenly Father to ask Him directly, and follow His guidance. There isn’t a need to believe blindly in the words people say. Like James tells us in the Bible, if we lack wisdom, we can ask God. Our Heavenly Father won’t lie to us. Like any father, He only wants what is best for us, and that we can return to live with him again. I love reading from the scriptures - the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. They really do support and testify one another.

I am really excited for Josh! Thanks for keeping me updated! I can’t wait to start hearing about his experiences in the mission field. I got a few letters, one from Annie Johnson and the weekly letter de los padres. I will be working on those replies! Promise! :)

Thank you all for your love and support! I really do appreciate it! Take care of yourselves! I hope that everything is going great! Enjoy the week! Chao!

Les amo!

Elder David Watson

Monday, August 30, 2010

August is Gone

Hey Family!

Wow! It’s exciting to hear about Dad’s progress! I can see that it’s pretty hot out there now! I have no idea what the temperature is, but it’s a little crazy. Hot, cold, Hot Hot Hot, cold... the weather of Paraguay. But it’s alright! :). Just gotta get used to it! Oh, one thing. The 25th of October won’t be my Pday because we are going to the temple on the 26th. If I am still in my zone the next change. Which will probably happen. If not, the day will change to another week because all the zones go on a different day. We were supposed to go this next week, but it got pushed back. Bummer!

This week was a pretty good one! We’ve been working a lot with our investigators, and we have two baptisms the 18th of September. It has been really cool to see their progress over time. Both are men in their 20’s and were contacts in the street. The Lord really does prepare people to be taught and be converted to the Gospel, we just have to find them! :). It’s awesome to see the blessings of the Lord in the lives of the people we teach.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write. I’m going to be working on sending out a few letters in the coming weeks. I hope all of my letters have arrived - I’ve replied to all of the letters I’ve gotten except for Crystal Yokom and Joanna Brown. I still don’t trust the Paraguayan mail system too much, but mail is mail! I hope that everyone is great! I know that the church is true! I have seen the many blessings in the lives of the people here in Paraguay. We have a prophet who really guides us in the trials and troubles of our days, and if we listen we can overcome whatever obstacles we may have!

I love you all! Take care of yourselves! Chau!

Elder David Watson

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still in Lucerito and with Elder Silva - YEA!

Hey y’all!

Wow! Sounds like your week was a little different for once! Woo hoo! My English is officially horrible, so please excuse me if something I say doesn’t make sense. I got a letter from Crystal Yokom the other day! Thanks! It’s great to hear how everyone is doing! That’s exciting that you’ve been able to make some progress with the family history! I’m excited that you got your classes that you wanted to teach Mom! Woo hoo!

This past week was alright! We didn’t have any changes between Elder Silva and I, but one of the missionaries from the ward got transferred to San Ygnacio. Another Peruano came, Elder Vinces, so I’m still with three other Latinos in the house. It’s really great for my Spanish, but not so much for my English. But that’s alright! English isn’t so important. The work has been progressing, slowly, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Elder Silva and I teach well together, so it’s another opportunity to learn and grow. He’s already received his papers to send to the office in preparation to go home (in Feb). It’s weird to think that he’ll be gone in a few months. It’s weird to think that I’ve been here in Paraguay for 6 months and that but the end of this change, I’ll have 9 months completed in the mission. It still seems like yesterday I went into the MTC. From everything I’ve heard and experienced, time only goes faster from here on out, so I’d better make the best out of each opportunity that I’ve got! :)

Well, time is about up for me. I love being here in Paraguay and being a servant of the Lord. I’m learning so much each and every day. There’s not a day that goes by that something happens and I know that this is the Lord’s work. I really do know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that we can receive guidance in our everyday lives. I hope that everything is going awesome! God be with you! Chau!

Elder David Watson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Receive Your Testimony Through The Spirit, Not The Words of Men


Well... what to say? Things have been going pretty good, nothing amazing or out of the ordinary. I did receive a letter from Sister McKinnon - Thanks! It’s really nice to hear from people back home! :). It sounds like Dad is going nuts with his casts. I can only imagine! I’d go pretty nuts too! I’d hate to be stuck in the house 24/7 with big heavy things plastered to my legs. But the time will come when you can take them off... I hate saying this but patience is something to be learned every day. Something I’ve had to learn... a lot! Also, as a side note, changes are this coming week so I’ll be back on Thursday. Just so y’all know. Neither of us knows what is going to happen - especially since there are 25 new missionaries arriving. But what is sure is that Elder Silva will go or that I will go - two changes is the maximum for a companionship. So... we’ll see!

The mission work has been good! It is work after all. Well, service to the Lord, but we are still laboring in the service of our Lord. I’ve been really enjoying my scripture study lately - I am finding many parallels and applications to our lives as well as the lives of those we are teaching. I am almost finished with Mormón, ready to go into Éter and finish with Moroní. Something that really caught my attention this morning was a few verses in Mormón 8. I can only remember it in Spanish right now, so I hope the translation comes out right. But he tells us that the Lord has shown to Moroní our days, and he is writing to us. He knows that there will be many who will walk in the pride of their hearts, unwilling to change and do the Lord’s will. Unwilling to take the responsibility of keeping the Lord’s commandments, even though we receive blessings. Also, he tells us that there will only be a few who will not harden their hearts, or in other words being willing to accept and seek the Lord’s will through our own efforts as well as through the scriptures, prayer, personal revelation and guidance from living prophets, and they will be persecuted by those who choose not to listen to the Lord’s prophets.

I found a few scriptures that I like about why I am here and how I know it is true, and I’d like to share them with you. The first is in 1 Corinthians... chapter 3 I think. Paul is talking to us that the Holy Ghost has revealed the words of God to him and that he has learned the gospel, not from the wisdom of men, but through revelation from the Holy Ghost. Also, in Moroni 7, 14?-16, we are given counsel to be careful, and to seek the light of Christ, and we will know the good things from the bad like the day from the night. I testify that I have received a answer from God that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people’s lives - that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s one and only true church on the earth, where we can receive the blessings and ordinances necessary to live with our Heavenly Father again. I haven’t been convinced by the words of men - only through the answers I have received to my prayers that have come through the Holy Ghost. I know that everyone can receive an answer to their prayers, and especially an answer as to what is the truth and where we can go to find it.

Well, my time is up. I hope everything is going great! Take care of yourselves! I love you!

Elder David Watson

Monday, August 9, 2010

Elder Sievers & Elder Watson
Dear familia,

Wow! It sounds like you had a nice and easy week! That makes me happy! This week has been pretty easy going. Nothing amazing or out of this world…

We had our zone conference this week on Friday. We are working together, as a mission, to become better teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The main way to do that is to learn how to work through the Holy Ghost. We have to know how to ask inspired questions and how to apply the gospel to the lives of the people we teach. I’ve already experienced a change in the way it helps us teach. I explained what faith means and how our faith works in prayers, but the problem is, I don’t remember anything I said. All I remember is that our investigator told us that I resolved his question about faith. Well, yeah! I guess that is what it means to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. I wish I could remember how I explained it, but that’s alright. When I need to explain faith again, and surely I will, it’ll come.

Well, it looks like I don’t have too much to say this week either. Sorry! Paraguay is great! The weather is a little nutty - hot cold hot cold hot cold, it makes things interesting. I love being a missionary. I’m excited to be here serving the people and the Lord. I love reading the Book of Mormon. It really is applicable in every part of our lives. I hope that you all are doing great! Take care of yourselves!

Con mucho amor!

Elder David Watson

Monday, August 2, 2010

Querido USA

Querido USA,

You´re telling me! I can´t believe I´ve been out here for 7 months already! Time flies when you are having fun, I suppose! :D I sent off my package this past week. It left the 28th of July. I don´t know when you´ll get it, but it is certified it so it should get to you!  I am really happy to hear that everything is great in your neck of the woods. Here, it is the same!

So, on Saturday, one of our investigators was baptized. It was awesome. Lots of his cousins came, along with his little brother and sister and his mom. Everything went without a hitch. One of the members in the ward gave a really good talk during his baptism. He talked about the significance of baptism, what we promise to do and be, and how the Holy Ghost will help guide us. I don´t know! It was great! :)

This week has been pretty quiet here too. Nothing huge has happened. Things are going great. Some people lose interest, but then we find others! The baptism was the highlight and focus of the week. My companion Elder Silva had to go sign some papers in the office (he leaves in February), and I finally saw Elder Burley, my companion from the MTC. Now I´ve seen all of the missionaries I came to Paraguay with. This week is Zone Conference, so it´ll be another trip to Barrio Herrera where the Mission Office is at on Friday.  We have really been focusing on becoming better teachers and following the Spirit as we teach.

Well, it seems like I am out of time. Sorry for the short letter! I hope all of the students have had a great summer! Good luck in school! I can´t thank my family enough for what they´ve done for me or what they mean to me. Take care of yourselves! Love you!

Elder David Watson

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day

Querido Familia!

Well, I am gonna give this a shot in English. Forgive me if I spell something wrong or use the wrong phrase. It gets harder and harder every day to speak in English - more on that later! - but that’s alright. I don’t need English so much here. It’s going to be great fun to try and get used to hearing and speaking it after the mission, but I’m not worrying about that so much right now. If only Google could translate better! Oh well. It’s was great to hear about this week for y’all! It sounds like things went really well! It was great to get a couple of emails from Nana and Papa, Grandma Lynn and Ken, and a letter from Sister Dunst. THANKS!!!!!! I really love each and every letter I get! It’s amazing to hear how life is going for everyone. Speaking of life in the outside world, I saw my friend Chase Murphy from BYU in the Liahona issue of General Conference. Page 63 or something like that. It was a great surprise! Also, I met Elder Severs (spelling?) from Orem Utah, who is Jake Watson’s buddy. It was fun to talk with him a little bit today. Another good surprise from our zone meeting today is that I got to talk with Elder Sorensen, one of the missionaries from my old district. That was definitely fun too!

Alrighty. This week. Well, I am going to talk about my English experience for the week. We were doing our daily contacts, and we started talking with a guy... who responded to me in English. I don’t know if I didn’t realize it or what, but I kept talking in Spanish. He told in perfect English, ‘You’re still not talking to me in English.’ It was a little bit of a shocker and I had to talk to him in English. Nothing came out of it, but that was my fun with English for the week.

What’s next... oh! We are going to have another baptism this week! He’s the brother of someone we found tracting and he is amazing! He’s one of the smartest kids I’ve met here! He’s really intelligent and the best student in his class at his high school. I love teaching at his house because all of his cousins and family members (the kids) come to listen and learn. I’ve found that I’ve had some of my best experiences teaching when there are kids present. For some reason, it’s just always better! :)

Well, I think I’ll end this here. I know that it has been such a blessing to be serving here in Paraguay. I learn so much every day. I love reading the Book of Mormon, Bible, and Preach My Gospel every day. There is so much to learn! It doesn’t really matter where I read, whether it’s something I’ve read 100 times or never before, something always calls the attention. I know that this is the Lord’s work. I can feel the Spirit testify every time we teach. It’s amazing when I get to see how the gospel blesses someone’s life! There is no doubt that this is the Lord’s work! It’s amazing to know that we have a loving Heavenly Father, and that he has placed a prophet to guide us! Thomas Monson is the man called to lead us in our days, and he has the power and authority of God to do so. He receives guidance for us! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church! I also love that we have the opportunity to talk with our Heavenly Father through prayer. It’s not just a one way street! He does listen and answer. We just have to be ready to accept His answer. It may not be right away, but He will answer. Of this I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ.

Well, I love you all! I wish I had more time to talk about everything that happens. I appreciate all of your love and prayers! Everyone I know has made an impact on my life! There are just too many people to name them all! But first and foremost I am so grateful for my family. Immediate and extended. There’s so much I learned from them! I’d never be who I am today if it weren’t for them. I love y’all more than I can express! Take care of yourselves! TE QUIERO!

Con mucho amor,

Elder David Watson

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cold and Rainy

M´baechapá familiakuera?

Espero que todo bien! Ésta semana no fue tan purete (bueno) que los otros porque tuvimos muchismo lluvía. Cuando hay lluvía y hacía aquello tipo de frio, nadie quiere estar fuera. Pero, todavía enseñamos mucho y tuvimos un bautismo! Le encontramos tocando puertas y él escuchó, y aunque su padre fue un antiguo investigador a quien no querría escuchar, él aceptó y quiere ayudarnos con la obra! Qué purete!

Sábado fue un día muy díficil porque casí ninguno de nuestros investigadores estuvieron en casa. Pero, cómo el otro Elder Watson, vimos ´La Restauración´ con un investigador y la experiencía fue muy bueno. Estoy muy animado para trabajar con él y su familia.

No tengo mucho para decir este Pday. Les dije la mayoría el otro día. Tambien había cambios en mi horario de las conferencías de zona y de entrevistas, el mismo en verdad. Tenemos los dos cada tres meses. No significa mucho, solamente que voy a ver los otros misioneros con menos regularidad. No tenemos un reunión de distrito esta semana, entonces, voy a enviar mi paquete la otra semana.

Creo que la cosa quiero que sepan el más es que les amo mucho! No hay una cosa mas importante a mí que a mí familia. Estoy aprendiendo cada día cuan importancía tiene la familia y como el evangelio puede ayudarla. En actualidad, el evangelio puede bendecir a las familias muchismo. Podemos tener mas felicidad, unidad, y éxito con el evangelio de Jesucristo. Los miembros de la familia pueden tener mejores relaciónes uno al otro. Todos van a ayudarse a mejorar y progresar hacía perfección. No significa que las familias van a ser perfecto, pero van a mejorar cada día. Van a saber el plan de Díos para nosotros y que necesitan hacer para vivir con Él después ésta vida. Y éste plan es que enseño cada día - que Díos tiene un profeta en el mundo hoy, y que por medio de Él, podemos saber que La Iglesía de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es la iglesía que tiene la autoridad de Díos en la tierra. Testifico que esto es verdadero.

Whoops! No más tiempo. Les AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAU!

Elder David Watson!

M'baechapá familiakuera?

I hope all well! This week was not as good as others because we had a ton of rain. When there was cold type of rain, nobody wants to be out. But still we taught a lot and we had a baptism! We found him when he heard knocking on doors, and although his father was a former investigator who would not listen, he approved and wants to help with the work! Sweet!

Saturday was a very difficult day because almost none of our investigators were at home. But just how the other Elder Watson, watched 'The Restoration' with an investigator and had a very good experience, I'm very excited to work with our investigator and his family.

I don’t have much to add this PDAY. I said most the other day. There were also changes in the frequency of my zone conferences and interviews, the same as the other Elder Watson. We have two every three months. It doesn’t mean much, but I'm going to see the other missionaries with less regularity. We have a district meeting this week and then I will send my package home next week.

I think the thing I want you to know the most is that I love you very much! There is nothing more important to me than my family. I'm learning every day how important family is and how the gospel can help. In actuality, the gospel can bless families a lot. We can have more happiness, unity, and success with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The family members may have better relationships to each other. Everyone will help each other improve and progress unto perfection. It does not mean that families are going to be perfect, but getting better every day. They can know God's plan for them and what they need to do to live with him after this life. And this plan is what I teach every day - that God has a prophet in the world today, and through him, we know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church that has God's authority land. I testify that this is true.

Whoops! Out of Time. I LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAU!

Elder David Watson!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A letter in Spanish, Translated, Again

Hola todos!

Las primeras cosas primeras - me quedé! Todavía estoy aquí en Lucerito con Elder Silva. Estamos animado por nuestro oportunidad para trabagar juntos uno cambio mas con los investigadores que tenemos. Tambien tenemos un bautismo mañana. Estamos muy animado!! Tambien recibí la paquete ayer! Muchas muchas gracias. Tengo que escribir un monton de cartas para incluir con mi paquete. Ahorra, necisito escribir a Wendy Bentley, Aunt Wendy, Elder Jalaty, Elder Spencer Brown y Elder Grant Getts, Michelle, Amy McGreevey, y Joanna. Creo que sí estoy extranando, pero, por favor, perdonanme. Estoy intentando!

Ésta semana pasada fue muy bueno! Tenemos muchos investigadores quienes estan progresando y encantando el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Creo que vamos a tener muchos bautismos éste mes y vamos a trabajar a full! Estoy muy animado para ser un siervo del Señor. Puedo ver Su guía en mi vida cada día en las personas que encontramos y las lecciones que enseñamos. Tengo un testimonio aun mas fuerte que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días es la iglesia de Dios en la tierra. Tenemos un profeta a quien recibe revelación cada día para nosotros. El Libro de Mormón hace un cambio en las vidas de la gente quien quiere cambiar para seguir el camino de Jesucristo. Todo esto es verdadero! Hay que preguntarle a Dios si quiere saber por sí mismo tambien! :)

Ahorra mismo, hace frio aquí en Paraguay! Especialmente con el viento y humedad. Hace una semana hacía tanto calor, pero, ahorra... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hay que amar el clima aquí! :). Pero, en actualidad, la vida es el mejor como un siervo del Señor! No puedo creer que 6 meses ya pasó y solamente tengo un año y medio para el resto de mi misión. Quiero hacer el mejor con que tengo! Les amo todito! Espero que Dios esta con todo! Chau!

Con muchismo amor!

Elder David Watson

Hello everyone!

First things first – I’m staying! I'm still here in Lucerito with Elder Silva. We are encouraged by our opportunity to work together through one more change with the people we are teaching. We also have a baptism tomorrow. We are very excited! I also received the package yesterday! Thank you very much. I have to write lots of letters to include with my package. Right now I have letters to write to Wendy Bentley, Aunt Wendy, Elder Jalaty, Elder Brown,Elder Spencer, Grant Getts, Michelle, Amy McGreevey and Joanna. I think that I'm doing well, but please forgive me, I'm trying!

This last week was good! We have many investigators who are progressing and delighted to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think we will have many baptisms this month and will work hard! I'm very excited to be a servant of the Lord. I can see His guidance in my life every day, in the people we meet and the lessons we teach. I have an even stronger testimony that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church of God on earth. We have a prophet who receives revelation every day for us. The Book of Mormon makes a difference in the lives of people who want to change to follow the path of Jesus Christ. This is real! We must ask God if you want to know for yourself too! :)

Right now it's cold here in Paraguay! Especially with the wind and humidity. A week ago it was so hot, but, now… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We have to love the weather here! :). But, in actuality, life is better as a servant of the Lord! I cannot believe that six months had passed and I have only one and a half years for the rest of my mission. I want to do the best of my ability! I love absolutely everything! I hope God is with everyone! Chau!

With a ton of love!

Elder David Watson

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Hola Familia!

This letter will be a little shorter than normal. I was writing to the Argentina Elder Watson. I was glad to hear that all things are good with Dad. Also I was glad to hear about Elder Jalaty’s mission call! I know he's going to have the best time of his life because his mission is the best - for him. Paraguay is still the best - for me. I love my experiences here and I'm learning a lot every day. I got letters from Joanna, Michelle, and Elder Jalaty. I will wait a bit and send all my letters with my package. This will give me time to write to everyone, because I do not yet know which cards have arrived. Now, I have to write to Wendy Bentley, Aunt Wendy, Michelle, Joanna, and Elder Jalaty. I hope I do not miss anyone. If I have, please let me know. I do not want to forget anyone this whole Paraguay mail has made me really confused. Thanks!

Well - I will tell you about one of my very good experience. We were knocking on doors, giving short lessons to all those who were willing to listen. A young man would not listen, but one sister (25 years old) came to the door.  We shared with her a pamphlet on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help our families to have more joy and happiness. She liked it very much and wanted to spend the next Saturday (long for an appointment!). Well, we and his father told us “that's another day.” Very common to hear that, but we talked a little about the game (Paraguay who lost  ). He left us and called his daughter. We had a very special lesson! She told us that “we were the answer to my (her) prayers.” We talked about how the gospel can give us faith and hope. She has many problems with his family (her father is a chronic alcoholic) and needed God's help. By the end of our lesson, she told us that she didn’t need to pray about the truthfulness of our message “I know it is true.” She wants to be baptized without delay. We didn’t say anything about baptism until she told us she wanted to be baptized. What Purity! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that this work is the work of the Lord. We had the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find and teach. I wanted to dance and sing with her after the lesson. Indeed, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, called to serve the people of Paraguay.

I’ve run out of time. I love you!

Elder David Watson

Monday, June 28, 2010

July is Upon Us Now...

Querido Familia,

Quiero empezar con decirles que tu carta me ENCANTA.. Estoy sonriendo muchisimo. Me gusta las cuentas acerca de la vida de ustedes. Me puse un poco ‘trunky’, pero, hoy es Pday, todo bien. :). La parte sobre me puse trunky es en broma, no mas. :). Hay que reirse. :). Tambien la traduccion de Google me encanta. Quería decir: If someone has sent me a letter, and I haven’t responded yet, please tell me parents so that I can know. Pssh... ‘that I might taste good.’  HAHAHAHA. Paul ya está poniendo sus papeles para la mision? Qué loco! No puedo creer! El tiempo esta volando! (The time is flying!!). Estoy muy animado para él! Quiero que venga a mision! Estamos teniendo mucho éxito! Un companerismo justo ha tenido 78 lecciones esta semana pasada - 33 con miembros (a investigadores)! Nuestro misión va a tener muchos bautismos y mejores miembros! Lecciones con miembro van a ayudar los miembros a tener un testimonio más fuerte y los nuevos miembros van a tener muchos amigos y una sistema de apoyo ya en un mundo que está un poco diferente. Estoy muy animado! :) :). Just in case Google doesn’t do its job right, or more likely if my Spanish is bad, I wanted to say that lessons with members to investigators will help the members have a stronger testimony and the new members to have lots of friends and a system of support in a world that is a little different.

Si! Yo puedo recordarme perfectamente la experiencía de mamá con sus libros. Qué loco ésta día. Demaisado libros. Pero, igual, no más.

Well, where do I start? I was going to write an all Spanish letter again, but I started thinking in English. Or I started typing in English. One of the two. Anyway, it threw me off a little, so I might as well just keep writing. This week was pretty good! Hot, but good. So much for being winter here. Well, right now it’s a little chilly, but phew - I was sweating pretty good during the week. I was actually running around trying to keep on top of everything - literally! The other missionaries in my ward had a baptism, and we brought some of our investigators to it. But our other investigator lives on the other side of the church, so we jetted over to his house. But he had left 2 MINUTES before we got there. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he came to church on Sunday. I had to remember the word Sunday. Haha. Anyway, things are great here. We’ve been treking all over our area to find the people who are waiting to hear the gospel. And the truth is, they are out there! We found a couple yesterday while roaming around (well, I shouldn’t say roaming but to me it seemed like it! En realidad we were being led by the Spirit! :) ) and we hope to work really well with them. If this wasn’t the Lord’s work, there is no way we could have found the people we have found and started teaching. They are out there, ya just gotta find them. It seems difficult in the moment, but when you are trying to do the right thing, and you are worthy, the Lord will guide you with what He would have you do. It’s not like I’m having an experience with ‘Oh, we gotta talk with these people.’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, let’s try contacting by the houses instead of the main road so that we can teach some lessons.’ And we find people! It works! It really is the Lord’s work. There’s no doubt about it.

I’d like to end with telling you how much I love reading the Book of Mormon. I was reading this morning in 2nd Nephi - and man, how inspired are his words! Lehi with his sons! He tells them to be men and have the courage to follow the Lord and His prophets. Rise out of the dust, I think exactly. It made me think of a two year old wailing and crying, rolling around in the dirt cause he doesn’t get what he wants. The most important thing is that we follow the guidance of those who know the way - and that’s what we should do. I love 2 Nephi 4. But I can’t go into detail - out of time.

Well, I love you all! I can hardly believe I’ve been on the mission for 6 months. Almost 6 months, I should say. I love hearing from ya! I encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon every day, at least a few verses, and try to imagine the situation in your mind. It really brings the scriptures to life and helps us make ourselves better. Love you!

Con mucho amor!

Elder David Watson

Monday, June 21, 2010

A letter in Spanish, Translated

David's letter this week was in all Spanish.  We have translated it to the best of our ability.  We have included both the English translation along with his original Spanish email.

Hi Family!

I only have a small amount of time today – I had to go to the office for an interview with President Callan. As always, appointments are not always on time, but I have to take advantage of the opportunities given me.

This last week was very good. We had six investigators in the church yesterday, one that already has a baptismal date. We will work with others who are interested this week.  They are very good, and I am encouraged to work with these families. They are very interested in how they can improve their lives and the status of their families. I have seen the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives already. They are more happy, united, and have a reason to strive to live with our Heavenly Father after this life. We have five things we need to accomplish during our lives. These things are faith in Jesus Christ, repentance of our sins, baptism for the remission of our sins by someone who has the authority and power of God, receiving the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands and endurance, or being faithful to the end of our lives. I know these things make a difference. This can help us become closer to our Savior and our Heavenly Father also. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Church of Jesus Christ. Indeed, there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. These can be performed only in the true church of Jesus Christ. You just have to prove the Lord’s promises. A promise that we read in the Book of Mormon (I like both 2 Nephi 31 and Moroni 10) and pray for an answer on whether the Book of Mormon is true. Another is that we attended the Church of Jesus Christ where we can feel the Holy Spirit. And then, we must pray about the truthfulness of these things with sincerity and true intention. I know this Church is true. Everyone may know this for yourself too.

I’m learning a little Portuguese. It’s a bit more useful than Guarani. Unless they send me back to the country, Guarani sentences are sufficient. I don’t have much news, but every day I can make a difference in my life. Every day I learn a little more about the Lord. I’m still getting accustomed to life in the city. But this has been a good change for me. I love being a missionary of the Lord. There are many blessings in missionary work. Can I give you a suggestion? If you help in missionary work, you, yes, you, will receive more blessings. I promise. I also pledge that your ward, branch, stake, district, community will improve and everyone will be happier and have more joy. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but you have to persevere. You can experience the happiness and love that we have in this work. I’m experiencing this every day. I wish you may experience these feelings too.

Your week sounds like a good week. I was glad that all is well with you. Thank you very much for all the cards. Please forgive me if I cannot answer quickly. I’m trying to answer everything. But with the missing letter and the time it takes to write and send is difficult for me. But I will try and do my best to answer. Please, if you sent me a letter and I haven’t answered, tell my parents that I can be better informed. Thanks for all your love and faith in me. All of you make a big difference in my life. I love your letters and news. Have a great week! Much love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

With hope of Paraguay,

Elder David Watson

Now... for the Spanish...

Hola Familia!

No tengo mucho tiempo hoy - tuve que ir a la oficina por una entrevista con Presidente Callan. Como siempre, horarios no estvieron en horario, pero, tengo que aprovechar del tiempo que tengo.

Ésta semana pasada hubo estado muy bien. Tuvimos seis investigadores en la Iglesia ayer, uno que ya tiene un fecha bautismal. Vamos a trabajar con los otros investigadores que tenemos. Ellos son muy buenos, y estoy animado para trabajar con estas familias. Son muy intersados en como ellos pueden mejorar sus vidas y el estado de sus familias. He visto las bendiciones del Evangelio de Jesucrito en sus vidas ya. Ellos estan mas feliz, unidas, y tienen una razon para esforzarse a vivir con nuestro Padre Celestíal déspues esta vida. Ésta razon es que tenemos cinco cosas que necesitamos cumplir durante nuestras vidas. Estas cosas son: fe en el Señor Jesucristo, el arrepentimiento de nuestros pecados, el bautismo para la remision de nuestros pecado por alguien que tenga la autoridad y poder de Dios, la recepción del Espíritu Santo por la imposición de las manos arriba de la cabeza, y perservar, o ser fieles, hasta el fin de nuestras vidas. Sé que estas cosas hacen una diferencía. Esta diferencía puede ayudarnos a acercarnos más a nuestro Salvador y tambien a nuestro Padre Celestíal. Sé que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de los Últimos Días es la iglesia de Jesucristo. En verdad, hay un Señor, una fe, un bautismo. Estos puedan ser realizados solamente en la iglesia verdedera de Jesucristo. Solamente hay que probar las promesas del Señor. Una promesa es que podemos leer el Libro de Mormon (una parte, no más. Mi parte preferidos son 2 Nefi 31 or Moroni 7) y orar para recibir una respuesta sobre si el Libro de Mórmon es verdadero. Un otro es que asistimos a la Iglesia de Jesucristo, podemos sentir el Espíritu Santo. Y déspues, hay que orar sobre la veracidad de estas cosas con senceridad y verdedera intención. Sé que esta Iglesia es verdadera. Todos pueden saber por si mismo tambien.

Estoy aprendiendo un poco de Portugues. Es un poco mas útil que Guarani. A menos que me envie otra vez al campo, frases de Guaraní son suficientes. No tengo muchas noticias acá, pero cada día yo puedo distinguir una diferencía en mi vida. Cada día estoy un poco más acerca del Señor. Todovía estoy acostombrándome a la vida de la ciudad. Pero, este cambio ha estado mi cambio preferido hasta ahorra. Me encanta ser un misionero del Señor. Hay muchas bendiciones en la obra misional. Puedo dar una sugerencía? Si ustedes ayudan en la obra misional, ustedes, si o si, van a recibir más bendeciones. Les prometo. Tambien les prometo que su barrio, rama, estaca, distrito, comunidad va a mejorar y todos van a estar mas feliz y tener mas gozo. Quizas va a estar un poco díficil en el principio, pero, hay que perservar. Hay mucho feliz y amor que podemos tener en esta obra. Yo estoy experimentando esto cada día. Me gustaría que ustedes pueden experimentar estos sentimientos tambien.

Su semana suena como una buena semana. Me alegré que todo está bien con ustedes. Muchas gracias por todas las cartas. Perdóname, por favor, si no puedo contestar rapido. Estoy intentando a contestar todo. Pero, con la carta perdida y el tiempo que toma para escribir y enviar es un gran dificultdad para mí. Pero, voy a procurar y hacer mi mejor para contestar. Por favor, si alguien me envió una carta y todovia no le contesté, diga a mis padres para que yo pueda saber bien. Gracias por todo de su amor y fe que tienen en mí. Todos de ustedes hacen una gran diferencía en mi vida. Me encanta sus cartas y noticias. ¡Que tengan una semana excelente! Mucho amor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Con esperanza de Paraguay,

Elder David Watson

Monday, June 14, 2010

I love it here in Lucerito!

Quierdo Familia,

Gracias por la información! Me gustó mucho la carta. Siempre me encanta leer las noticias de la familia. Por invierno, hace mucho calor ahorra. Aun la gente tiene un poca de sopresa. Usualmente, hace mucho mas frio durante estos meses. Pero, creo que tengo un poco de suerte (por una vez!) que no hace tan frio. Sin embargo, probablamente va a hacer muy calor este verano. Ay! Vamos a ver.

Hoy, paraguay va a jugar contra italia. La gente tiene mucho animado para este partido. Todos quieren hablar sobre el partido y la copa mundial.. Pero, es un asunto que la gente en le gusta tomar. Entonces, para hablar con la gente, especialmente después durante la noche, es muy intersante. MUY intersante... :).

Well, update. I love it here in Lucerito. True, it is much harder to work in the city than out in the campo, but all the same, it’s great! Elder Silva is a great companion! It seems I have made more progress with Spanish, teaching, and learning in the past two weeks than in the past three months! It really is a blessing to be here in the mission. I have learned so much about who I am and who I can become. That is the beauty of the message that I share every day. How amazing it is to have prophets in the world today! Imagine following a Moses, Noah, Abraham in our day! How easy it would be to listen to the word of the Lord! Prophets are God’s spokespeople - these men have God’s authority and power. They speak with God face to face. And we have a prophet today with the same authority and power of God. I know that this is true - and his name is Thomas S. Monson. As always, with everything I teach, we can know the truth through earnest prayer to our Heavenly Father, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Well, I am really excited to be here. Really excited to help the people of Paraguay come closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am truly grateful for everyone that I have known. Everybody has had an influence in my life that has helped me become a better person. There is no way I can thank all of you, but please realize that I am truly grateful. I hope that life is great for each and every one of you. Enjoy the summer! Love ya! God Bless!

Con mucho amor!

Elder David Watson

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bordering Asuncion North Mission - Elder Felix... Where are you?

Hola Familia!

Wow! Not much has happened in the past four days besides the fact that I have been getting to know the investigators and members of Lucerito. Lucerito is split into two halves along the ruta. We have the north side of the ruta while the District Leader and his companion have the southern part. Funnily enough, part of my area está justo al lado de Misión Norte. So if Elder Felix happens to be next to Lucerito (I have no idea what the area is called :( ), we are practically next to each other! Hahaha. Anyway. We have been working hard! It’s starting to get pretty cold at night here, but with all the walking, it’s not too bad. :). We found 3 new families to teach - 2 of them are related to each other! So we are going to keep on working hard, finding people to teach, and helping them come unto Christ through His restored gospel.

You did what, Mom??? WOW! I wish I could have been there to see that! It’s good to know that the Young Women are learning to take care of themselves just in case they are stuck on the side of the road with no one to help. Knowing car mechanics is always a good thing :). School’s over? Already? No way! Time is going by so fast! It seems like yesterday I was in the snow! But that was 3 months ago... g whiz! It seems to be getting faster and faster with every day. I was thinking the other day that time IS faster than the speed of light... but I just can’t prove it... hahaha.

I hope Josh comes here! Maybe I can be his entrenador! That would be wickedly sweet! Wherever he goes, I know that is where the Lord has called him to serve. Estoy tan anímado para él. SWEET! :D. That probably means any paper letter I send won’t get there in time. Chiste. Snail mail in Paraguay really is snail mail. Hahaha.

Bryan’s already having his Eagle Court?? Wow wee! That’s so great! I’m really excited for him! Go Bryan!!

I am glad to hear that Flash is alright. Dogs and health issues can be confusing. For me at least. I’m just happy to know Flash is good! :).

This Sunday was a really good fast and testimony meeting. First of all, it was nice to sing along to a piano! Second, almost all of the congregation (50 or so) bore their testimonies! I was invited to introduce myself and bear my testimony. It’s a little easier to be in front of a bunch of people, but I’m pretty sure some of the things I said didn’t make sense. But that’s alright! Still working on it. I’m really working on speaking better Spanish than my first area. There people would say ‘Yo conoce, yo tiene, vines (en vez de ven), Tu tengo,’ algo así. Claramente, Guarani es el primer idoma allí. Probablamente eso es como le perezco a la gente de Paraguay. Pero, está bien! Todavía estoy aprendiendo! Ahora, hablo casí todo in Castellano, aun en la casa con Elder Freeman. Creo que esto va a ayudarme a aprender más rapido y mejor. Cuando hablo en ingles, mi Castellano falta mucho. Entonces, el más castellano yo hablo, el mejor mi castellano puede ser. Tambien, me ayuda mucho que no tengo que hablar en Guanarí. Más tiempo para mejorar mi Castellano. Me gusta mucho Lucerito y el trabajo acá. Muy diferente que Ca’aguazú, pero, tambien, muy bueno. No necesitamos preocuparnos sobre la hora, y podemos enfocarnos más en el trabajo. Parece que Elder Silva y yo vamos a estar por 3 meses juntos porqué él tiene solamente un cambio acá en Lucerito. Espero que sí porqué estamos trabajando muy bien juntos.

I know that this is the Lord’s work! There is no other way I could possibly be here and learning Spanish and teaching in it so well. Well, as good as I have gotten. There is no way I could have received so much help from the Lord if this wasn’t His work. The Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God to restore His authority and power on the Earth once again - the priesthood. Through the priesthood, or God’s power and authority, we can be together, as families, for all time and eternity. We can receive divine help from the Lord. But it only comes through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This church is the same church Jesus established in His days, only that it is now in our day, or the latter days. The time to come unto our Savior and God isn’t later. You start thinking about a bunch of tomorrows and find that you have a bunch of empty yesterdays. The time to act is now. I promise that we can receive many blessings from the Lord through our obedience. And we can know it is true through prayer. Prayer is communication with our Father in Heaven. Through it, we can know the truth. It’s that simple. All we have to do is be sincere and willing to act on that answer. As a messenger of Jesus Christ, I testify of these things. I know they are true, and you can too. Put our Father in Heaven to the test. As we are told by Malachi in his last chapter, the Lord challenges us to put Him to the test. But we have to be sincere and willing to obey His messengers.

I love you all! I hope all is going well! I have heard that some of my letters haven’t been going through - I sent one to Aunt Wendy, Wendy Bentley, Amy McGreevy, Abe Wilson, and to you. I hope it arrives! Those letters were really good! I am praying for all of you! Take care!

Con mucho amor,

Elder David Watson

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Area, New Companion

Querida Familia,

Wow! This has been a crazy two weeks! Last week we had Zone Conference and interviews, so that threw our schedules off a little bit, and I transferred to a new area. I have mixed feelings about the transfer, because I loved the area and the members, but I know the Lord has called me to a new area to accomplish his work. I am now officially out of the campo and now in the city. Well, suburbs of the city. In Lucerito, Asuncion. It’s much MUCH smaller than my last area, but plenty big all the same. We have 4 missionaries in our Barrio, and we live together. My new companion is Elder Silva from Costa Rica. Let me just say I love his accent. It’s the bomb! I also live with the district leader, Elder Freeman (From Missouri) and a local missionary from Ciudad Del Este, Elder Esquivel. The local is 18-years old and is planning on putting his papers in this December. The cool thing here is that priests can serve as local missionaries for a period of 3 weeks to however long they can stay. Elder Esquivel has served before, and he is great! He plays rugby, and is buff! He knows the lessons and is going to be a great missionary wherever he goes. My companion Elder Silva has been here for one change, so we will probably be together for 2 changes. I hope so. We work really well together. We should have a lot of success this change! The city and the campo are so different, but all the same, I love them both. :)

In our zone conference Elder Shayne Bowen of the Area Seventy visited with us. He talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how important it is to have a testimony. Without the Book of Mormon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is just another church. But with it, we know and understand so much more of the Holy Bible and the ordinances of the gospel. It is like our eyes - the Holy Bible being one, and the Book of Mormon the other. The Bible helps us to ‘see’, but the Book of Mormon helps us to ‘see’ more clearly. The Book of Mormon helps us to live closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and helps us to grow closer to our Father in Heaven.

With everything that has happened, I don’t quite know what to say. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were insane - I brought everything - except for my filtered water bottle. D’oh! I am pretty sure they can send it through the encomienda, so I’m not too worried about that. I still have that purifier that we bought, and it’s worked great so far. I woke up at 2 Wednesday morning to make it to the terminal to catch the collectivo. Demiasado temprano! We, being Elder Stringham (going home! :( ), Elder Warner (My District Leader) and I, arrived at the terminal around 6:30ish. Stood around for a while waiting for everyone else to arrive. I finally saw some of the Elders from my MTC district - actually all of them except for my companion, Elder Burley. Elder Alexander was there to pick up his new companion; Elder Nielsen was heading out to Ciudad del Este to be with my trainer, Elder Beramendi. Elder Clyde was heading to Ca’aguazú to be with his trainer again, Elder Villegas. That’s kinda cool that E’ Clyde is heading out to my area. He’ll love it! :) And Elder Bills was there to pick up his new companion. So I know where all of them are at except for E’ Burley - I am assuming he is still in his same area unless he got a transfer after our first change. That was kinda cool! I ended up talking with Elder Esquivel for a while until our companions arrived, and then we headed out. Lucerito is about 20 minutes away from the terminal by taxi. Which direction, I’m not sure. It sure is different to be back in the city though. Everybody knows Spanish, and not too many people use Guarani. Al reves! But I am ready to serve here and do my best to help the people of Lucerito to come unto Christ. Woo hoo!

A ver... hoy jugamos futbol con el distrito. Tenemos los l’deres de Zona y 4 hermanas, entonces, hay 12 misioneros. 8 Élderes y 4 Hermanas. El entrenador de mi entrenador, Elder Guitarra, tambien es en nuestro distrito. Haupei (y después), fuimos a comprar comida y regresar a la casa. Ahorra, estoy escribiendo a ustedes. No hay muchas noticias para hoy, pero, vamos a ver en Lunes.

Well, I think I will end there. I’ll use the rest of my time sending photos home. Thank you so much for your love and support! My package was great! The ties were awesome! The American sugar tambien! :). I totally forgot that Monday was Memorial Day (of course nothing happened here!). I’ll probably forget about other holidays too. Not all, but USA specific ones yes… Maybe not the 4th of July breakfast of the Fillmore Ward though. ;). I love you all! Like you don’t even know! I remember so many people and the things they have done for me. I’m out of time! Mucho amor!

Elder David Watson