Monday, November 1, 2010

No Halloween in Paraguay

Hey all!

Halloween? Doesn’t exist here. It’s was funny to see people’s reactions when I told them that little kids go door to door asking for candy. They were shocked! They asked me if the parents were worried about their kids going out and about at night and asking strangers for candy. I told them, yeah, but that’s the custom in the states. Even I thought it was a little weird looking back... hahaha. :D.

This week went pretty well. We have found some good families to teach. It’s been a lot easier to find people to teach here than in my other areas. I don’t know how that works... Life is just really good as a missionary. I have realized how different life is not being a missionary. Time really is precious and the way I used it before maybe wasn’t the best. I think I have learned more in my time here about how the Lord would have us live our lives and become better people in this short amount of time than all of my life before the mission. When we dedicate ourselves to the scriptures, even for a little bit of time every day, we find countless ways to come closer to our Savior. There really is a peace and happiness that we can find. Everyone is searching for something in their lives, and sometimes it takes a while to find it. But through prayer to our Heavenly Father, the scriptures, and living our lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will find it. Sometimes we find out what we thought we really wanted wasn’t all that important, and we find something that actually benefits our lives. I sure imagined a lot of things were really important before, but in reality, nothing is as important as our families. Families help us learn and grow, and when we come closer as a family to the teachings of our Savior and one another, there is a firm foundation to withstand every trial that we face, and every hard time that we go through.

Well, I am about out of time. I’m working on those letters! I love you all! Take care of yourselves!! Chaucito!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder David E. Watson

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