Monday, September 13, 2010

8 1/2 Months... Man Does Time Fly!!!

Elders Zambrano & Watson
Hola Familia!

It’s great to hear from y’all. School has started again? Already? Wow how the time flies!! I thought that school just ended for you. I’m glad that you got the classes you wanted! That’s always a good thing. I’m sure that it’s not fun to teach a class that you don’t really want. Wow! Flash took long enough! I’m glad that he has finally accepted Papa. Haha.

Everything is going great down here in Paraguay. Nothing really exciting. We had our ward conference the other day. It was great to hear from the leaders of the stake about how important unity is and how we can achieve it… I have really been enjoying working with Alejandro, ‘my’ most recent convert. It’s been so much fun to hear him teach and extend invitations to his friends and family.  The only bad part is that he lives on the OTHER side of our area, so it’s pretty hard to be down there all the time. It takes about an hour to walk to his house, so we try to work our way down there with our other appointments so we don’t spend an hour walking. I am really learning a lot from the people we teach. I think sometimes we learn more while we are teaching than those who are listening. I have really been discovering what this Gospel means to me and how it can help me in my life. It has also been a great blessing to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes the lives of those we teach and who accept our invitation to pray to our Heavenly Father to know the truth of it for themselves. If they do that and have the faith and the true intentions of knowing and acting for themselves, the Gospel makes an enormous difference. Black and white. I’m not saying that just because I am a missionary from my church. I am saying this because I have done the same things I’ve asked the people we teach to do. If I can receive an answer, if Alejandro received an answer, if the people we’ve been teaching have received answers from our Heavenly Father, we can have the confidence and faith that Heavenly Father can answer every prayer that is said intently and truly.

It’s always great to hear from home! I’m glad that Spencer has finally got his call, and that he goes in on our birthday! It amazing to know that missionaries receive their calls to the place where our Heavenly Father truly needs them to be. I hope everything is going great with everyone! Take care of yourselves!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder David Watson

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