Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprise Change! New Companion - Elder Zambrano From Columbia

Elders Watson & Silva
Hola Familia!

Well, this week has been an interesting one to say the least. We got a call from the mission office Friday morning letting us know the Elder Silva had a couple of hours to pack up and be at the office for a special change. It was a big surprise on our part, but it is alright. I know the area and our investigators, as well as I should, I have been here for 4 months now, so it was a fairly easy change. The biggest difference is the way we teach, because obviously Elder Zambrano, my new companion, isn’t Elder Silva. Haha.

The Box Made It!!
There really hasn’t been anything new this week. It’s been work like always, but a whole lot better because I get to help the people become closer to our Heavenly Father. I am so glad that we can teach the people, and if they have a desire to know if it is true, they can ask our Heavenly Father directly. Like Paul said to the Corinthians, I know this is true because I have learned through the Holy Ghost that it is so. I have not been convinced by any person, only by the influence of the Holy Ghost. I am glad that we can have the confidence in our Heavenly Father to ask Him directly, and follow His guidance. There isn’t a need to believe blindly in the words people say. Like James tells us in the Bible, if we lack wisdom, we can ask God. Our Heavenly Father won’t lie to us. Like any father, He only wants what is best for us, and that we can return to live with him again. I love reading from the scriptures - the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. They really do support and testify one another.

I am really excited for Josh! Thanks for keeping me updated! I can’t wait to start hearing about his experiences in the mission field. I got a few letters, one from Annie Johnson and the weekly letter de los padres. I will be working on those replies! Promise! :)

Thank you all for your love and support! I really do appreciate it! Take care of yourselves! I hope that everything is going great! Enjoy the week! Chao!

Les amo!

Elder David Watson

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