Monday, September 27, 2010

Short message: Sept 27

Hey everyone!

Well... this week. What can I say? We{ve been really digging down to find old investigators and new investigators to teach. Its been bit of a disaster on our part but these things happen. Not every week can be a great one.. We{ve been starting up a weekly night for recient converts and investigators and that actually has worked well. We{ve had some fun activites with the members. I think it will be a great help for the ward to unify the members and help the recent converts feel more welcomed and involved. Also, we had a service day in the stake. That was a lot of fun. I got to use a machete and everything hacking down weeds. That was before the members were able to find a weed wacker. Boy was I suprised to see one! :). I am pretty sure it was an Regional wide service activity, but unless the other Elder Watson did it, maybe it was just Paraguay. I am not srue there. But I am loving being here in paraguay with every chance that I have to learn.

It wasn{t the letter I promised, but I thought I would have more. Life is great! Hopefully I will have a lot more to talk about the next time I have a chance to write home. Take care of yourselves! I love you! More than I can say!

Con mucho cariño!

Elder David Watson

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