Monday, August 2, 2010

Querido USA

Querido USA,

You´re telling me! I can´t believe I´ve been out here for 7 months already! Time flies when you are having fun, I suppose! :D I sent off my package this past week. It left the 28th of July. I don´t know when you´ll get it, but it is certified it so it should get to you!  I am really happy to hear that everything is great in your neck of the woods. Here, it is the same!

So, on Saturday, one of our investigators was baptized. It was awesome. Lots of his cousins came, along with his little brother and sister and his mom. Everything went without a hitch. One of the members in the ward gave a really good talk during his baptism. He talked about the significance of baptism, what we promise to do and be, and how the Holy Ghost will help guide us. I don´t know! It was great! :)

This week has been pretty quiet here too. Nothing huge has happened. Things are going great. Some people lose interest, but then we find others! The baptism was the highlight and focus of the week. My companion Elder Silva had to go sign some papers in the office (he leaves in February), and I finally saw Elder Burley, my companion from the MTC. Now I´ve seen all of the missionaries I came to Paraguay with. This week is Zone Conference, so it´ll be another trip to Barrio Herrera where the Mission Office is at on Friday.  We have really been focusing on becoming better teachers and following the Spirit as we teach.

Well, it seems like I am out of time. Sorry for the short letter! I hope all of the students have had a great summer! Good luck in school! I can´t thank my family enough for what they´ve done for me or what they mean to me. Take care of yourselves! Love you!

Elder David Watson

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