Monday, June 28, 2010

July is Upon Us Now...

Querido Familia,

Quiero empezar con decirles que tu carta me ENCANTA.. Estoy sonriendo muchisimo. Me gusta las cuentas acerca de la vida de ustedes. Me puse un poco ‘trunky’, pero, hoy es Pday, todo bien. :). La parte sobre me puse trunky es en broma, no mas. :). Hay que reirse. :). Tambien la traduccion de Google me encanta. Quería decir: If someone has sent me a letter, and I haven’t responded yet, please tell me parents so that I can know. Pssh... ‘that I might taste good.’  HAHAHAHA. Paul ya está poniendo sus papeles para la mision? Qué loco! No puedo creer! El tiempo esta volando! (The time is flying!!). Estoy muy animado para él! Quiero que venga a mision! Estamos teniendo mucho éxito! Un companerismo justo ha tenido 78 lecciones esta semana pasada - 33 con miembros (a investigadores)! Nuestro misión va a tener muchos bautismos y mejores miembros! Lecciones con miembro van a ayudar los miembros a tener un testimonio más fuerte y los nuevos miembros van a tener muchos amigos y una sistema de apoyo ya en un mundo que está un poco diferente. Estoy muy animado! :) :). Just in case Google doesn’t do its job right, or more likely if my Spanish is bad, I wanted to say that lessons with members to investigators will help the members have a stronger testimony and the new members to have lots of friends and a system of support in a world that is a little different.

Si! Yo puedo recordarme perfectamente la experiencía de mamá con sus libros. Qué loco ésta día. Demaisado libros. Pero, igual, no más.

Well, where do I start? I was going to write an all Spanish letter again, but I started thinking in English. Or I started typing in English. One of the two. Anyway, it threw me off a little, so I might as well just keep writing. This week was pretty good! Hot, but good. So much for being winter here. Well, right now it’s a little chilly, but phew - I was sweating pretty good during the week. I was actually running around trying to keep on top of everything - literally! The other missionaries in my ward had a baptism, and we brought some of our investigators to it. But our other investigator lives on the other side of the church, so we jetted over to his house. But he had left 2 MINUTES before we got there. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he came to church on Sunday. I had to remember the word Sunday. Haha. Anyway, things are great here. We’ve been treking all over our area to find the people who are waiting to hear the gospel. And the truth is, they are out there! We found a couple yesterday while roaming around (well, I shouldn’t say roaming but to me it seemed like it! En realidad we were being led by the Spirit! :) ) and we hope to work really well with them. If this wasn’t the Lord’s work, there is no way we could have found the people we have found and started teaching. They are out there, ya just gotta find them. It seems difficult in the moment, but when you are trying to do the right thing, and you are worthy, the Lord will guide you with what He would have you do. It’s not like I’m having an experience with ‘Oh, we gotta talk with these people.’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, let’s try contacting by the houses instead of the main road so that we can teach some lessons.’ And we find people! It works! It really is the Lord’s work. There’s no doubt about it.

I’d like to end with telling you how much I love reading the Book of Mormon. I was reading this morning in 2nd Nephi - and man, how inspired are his words! Lehi with his sons! He tells them to be men and have the courage to follow the Lord and His prophets. Rise out of the dust, I think exactly. It made me think of a two year old wailing and crying, rolling around in the dirt cause he doesn’t get what he wants. The most important thing is that we follow the guidance of those who know the way - and that’s what we should do. I love 2 Nephi 4. But I can’t go into detail - out of time.

Well, I love you all! I can hardly believe I’ve been on the mission for 6 months. Almost 6 months, I should say. I love hearing from ya! I encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon every day, at least a few verses, and try to imagine the situation in your mind. It really brings the scriptures to life and helps us make ourselves better. Love you!

Con mucho amor!

Elder David Watson

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