Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Area, New Companion

Querida Familia,

Wow! This has been a crazy two weeks! Last week we had Zone Conference and interviews, so that threw our schedules off a little bit, and I transferred to a new area. I have mixed feelings about the transfer, because I loved the area and the members, but I know the Lord has called me to a new area to accomplish his work. I am now officially out of the campo and now in the city. Well, suburbs of the city. In Lucerito, Asuncion. It’s much MUCH smaller than my last area, but plenty big all the same. We have 4 missionaries in our Barrio, and we live together. My new companion is Elder Silva from Costa Rica. Let me just say I love his accent. It’s the bomb! I also live with the district leader, Elder Freeman (From Missouri) and a local missionary from Ciudad Del Este, Elder Esquivel. The local is 18-years old and is planning on putting his papers in this December. The cool thing here is that priests can serve as local missionaries for a period of 3 weeks to however long they can stay. Elder Esquivel has served before, and he is great! He plays rugby, and is buff! He knows the lessons and is going to be a great missionary wherever he goes. My companion Elder Silva has been here for one change, so we will probably be together for 2 changes. I hope so. We work really well together. We should have a lot of success this change! The city and the campo are so different, but all the same, I love them both. :)

In our zone conference Elder Shayne Bowen of the Area Seventy visited with us. He talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how important it is to have a testimony. Without the Book of Mormon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is just another church. But with it, we know and understand so much more of the Holy Bible and the ordinances of the gospel. It is like our eyes - the Holy Bible being one, and the Book of Mormon the other. The Bible helps us to ‘see’, but the Book of Mormon helps us to ‘see’ more clearly. The Book of Mormon helps us to live closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and helps us to grow closer to our Father in Heaven.

With everything that has happened, I don’t quite know what to say. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were insane - I brought everything - except for my filtered water bottle. D’oh! I am pretty sure they can send it through the encomienda, so I’m not too worried about that. I still have that purifier that we bought, and it’s worked great so far. I woke up at 2 Wednesday morning to make it to the terminal to catch the collectivo. Demiasado temprano! We, being Elder Stringham (going home! :( ), Elder Warner (My District Leader) and I, arrived at the terminal around 6:30ish. Stood around for a while waiting for everyone else to arrive. I finally saw some of the Elders from my MTC district - actually all of them except for my companion, Elder Burley. Elder Alexander was there to pick up his new companion; Elder Nielsen was heading out to Ciudad del Este to be with my trainer, Elder Beramendi. Elder Clyde was heading to Ca’aguazú to be with his trainer again, Elder Villegas. That’s kinda cool that E’ Clyde is heading out to my area. He’ll love it! :) And Elder Bills was there to pick up his new companion. So I know where all of them are at except for E’ Burley - I am assuming he is still in his same area unless he got a transfer after our first change. That was kinda cool! I ended up talking with Elder Esquivel for a while until our companions arrived, and then we headed out. Lucerito is about 20 minutes away from the terminal by taxi. Which direction, I’m not sure. It sure is different to be back in the city though. Everybody knows Spanish, and not too many people use Guarani. Al reves! But I am ready to serve here and do my best to help the people of Lucerito to come unto Christ. Woo hoo!

A ver... hoy jugamos futbol con el distrito. Tenemos los l’deres de Zona y 4 hermanas, entonces, hay 12 misioneros. 8 Élderes y 4 Hermanas. El entrenador de mi entrenador, Elder Guitarra, tambien es en nuestro distrito. Haupei (y después), fuimos a comprar comida y regresar a la casa. Ahorra, estoy escribiendo a ustedes. No hay muchas noticias para hoy, pero, vamos a ver en Lunes.

Well, I think I will end there. I’ll use the rest of my time sending photos home. Thank you so much for your love and support! My package was great! The ties were awesome! The American sugar tambien! :). I totally forgot that Monday was Memorial Day (of course nothing happened here!). I’ll probably forget about other holidays too. Not all, but USA specific ones yes… Maybe not the 4th of July breakfast of the Fillmore Ward though. ;). I love you all! Like you don’t even know! I remember so many people and the things they have done for me. I’m out of time! Mucho amor!

Elder David Watson

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