Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Note To Say HI !

Quierdo familia

¿Cómo están? Todo tranquilo? Espero que sí. Vida aca en Paraguay es siempre bueno. Hay un gran bendición para servir el Señor como un misonero. Todavía estoy aprendiendo español, o castellaño aca... es el mismo, pero empece a aprender un poco más de guaraní. Por ejemplo, Ñandejara nderaihu significa que Dios te ama. Es muy difícil para pronunciar guaraní, entonces, yo necesito enfocarme en mí pronunción de español primero. Haha.

Like I said, life here is great. I’m always learning and progressing. It’s necessary... haha. There isn’t much to report differently since Thursday. It’s just been work! Which being a missionary is. There isn’t too much to be excited about this week. No big events. But I need to show my new comp still to a few more areas and families, and investigators. If we can catch them at home. That’s been the hard part lately. But we’ll do it! :)

May 9th... woo that’s coming up quick. I hope we can all talk together. That would be really nice. I still have to find a place to call from. That’s the hard part. I’ll have to talk to my branch president about that.. Speaking about branches, I always forget to tell you. All of the ramas in Ca’aguazú have their own building. Rama 2 is more towards Asuncion in the little outside divisions around Caáguazú, which is in the area called Ciudad Nueva. It’s a small building, but it works! Anything is better than nothing! :)

Thanks for the email! I loved reading your notes from the meeting. I hope to get them soon in the mail. That’s great that you are having more success with your students, Mom!! Different experiences every week in Mutual sure do make a difference!

Sorry about the short email - Thursday stole all of my information. Ha. I hope all is going well back in the States. Stay cool while I try to stay dry! Haha. Everything is great. I love y’all and wish the very best. Les amo muchisimo!!!

Elder David Watson

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