Monday, April 5, 2010

The Weather is Getting Cooler... Whew!

Dear Mom and Dad

Wow! Time flies in the field.  To answer your questions: I only saw (live) Sunday morning in Spanish and the Afternoon in English.  I enjoyed it much more in English, much more powerful and meaningful.  One missionary has found Peanut Butter in the market, but I think that was a fluke.  I think I have to look under a different name.  But I will ask around.  I heard that Elder Holland’s talk Saturday night was really good! But I didn’t get the chance to watch any Saturday sessions.  The sessions were on at 1 and 5 in Paraguay.  So… that’s 5 hours difference, right? I actually saw Cody Stephens my last week [at the MTC] - yes, I do know him.  Good guy.  Is Byron already gone? Whew! Time flies.  Has Josh put in his papers yet???

Whew! Spring Break! That sounds nice! Sometimes I would like to sleep in, but that time lost isn’t worth it.  So that helps waking up on time every day.  HAHAHA!!! Flash! I love him.  So funny.  I miss you guys a ton, but the work keeps me busy.  Work is good!

We had a baptismal service yesterday! We baptized a mother and son, and a father of another family.  I got to baptize the mom, Rosalba, and confirm the son, Pablo.  It was really a great experience! :)

I am so out of ideas today.  The weather is actually been nice the past few days.  Overcast and windy, which means cool! Overcast and not windy… humid as all get out!! It is started to get cooler and cooler… much better than hotter and hotter.  It’s so weird to have the seasons flipped! June and July is dead winter, December and January is dead summer. 

This past week has been Semana Santa, which is a huge tradition among Paraguayos.  Something that goes along with the tradition is food called Chipas.  Chipas is bread that is cooked in an outside brick oven called a Tata Kwa.  It certainly is interesting! My tongue is still too Americanized to truly appreciate Chipas. 

I have been reading past Ensigns and Liahonas lately, in the morning after breakfast but before Personal Study and at night before 10:30, and I’ve really enjoyed reading the words of prophets and apostles.  I’ve also taken to cutting out some of the pictures that I really like… the pile is starting to get big! I am going to make a cover for my daily planner, where I can put some of these pictures, and I’ll find places to put the others.  .  Maybe my next email I will send the names of the paintings home so you guys can see them too.  One of the painters I really like is Del Parsons.  I can’t remember any of the names right now. 

One thing that I can really remember from General Conference is Elder James B Martino’s talk from the Sunday afternoon session.  He talked about going through our trials and experiences with an eternal perspective.  He remarked that when we look at the long run, we can better learn from our lives and apply those lessons to become better Disciples of Christ. 

Well, I will keep you in my prayers! I hope everything continues to go well.  I really appreciate the love and support from all of you!  This is an awfully short e-mail, and I hope you will forgive me.  I will write more next week - I promise! Take care of yourselves! ¿Les quiero muchisimo!

Con Amor,

Elder David Watson

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