Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom Went to Prom?

Hola Familia!!

Wow... what a week! Sounds like you had some fun! I bet Mom loved the dance... hahaha. That´s so cool that Bryan is going on his mission already... I feel old!! :/. Hahaha, And Katey is getting married?? What in the world? Well, that is good news to hear that she finally found the guy that she´s been looking for! I did get to see most of the pictures, but not all of them. Looks like your ´trip to Big Ben´ was fun! ;) Did a pretty good job I must admit! And I did see the journal entries! Thank you for putting them in! I really do appreciate it! (You don´t necessarily have to find bible bashing stories... I just wanted to hear about any you had written down and not avoid telling them. We are avoiding ANYONE who wants to bible bash, because as you said, it is NOT productive, and it is NOT worth it.) It´s cool to see the thoughts that you had on the mission and how similar some of them are to me. Speaking of second companions, everything I have heard and seen, and from my own experience, being the second companion is tough. I still haven´t been in that position. :).

Anyway... my week. From Monday to Saturday was AWESOME E´TE! Or pretty awesome! We were finding lots of families and all of our investigators were progressing. Sunday was a let down... our Branch President was unable to go to church and did not advise us until the Sacrament meeting (the last hour). Elder Griffin and I held out pretty well teaching the first two hours. But I had to run with a member back to our house to get bread and water (there was none in the chapel) and by the time I got back several people had left. The good thing is that we had investigators who came, but unfortunately had to leave early for family reasons. The rest of the day was quite interesting. The culture here is quite different and at times is disappointing on how they celebrate. We started to explore our area some more and just as we were passing a house, a car stopped us. They happened to be members from Leopardi (Asuncion) and the house we were by were their relatives. Which was awesome because we could fix an appointment really easily to come back another day. Other than that... we just kind of had to call it a day spent working hard. We are looking forward to this week (Zone Conference on Friday!!) and helping the members understand the doctrine and the consistency we need to have following all of God´s commandments. We have investigators who we are excited to work with and help them enter the waters of baptism. This area has a lot of potential, and we are finding the best way to try and take full advantage of every opportunity we have to share the gospel. It really is a testimony to me even though we had to direct the meetings and teach without preparation, the people can still feel the spirit and know that this is the true church.

Well, something just came up. I am sorry... got to go. Love you all!

Elder David Watson

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