Monday, June 27, 2011

Schools Out!?!

Dear Family!

Wow... the week just absolutely flew by. I feel like I was just here typing. We are here again in Asuncion for a meeting with all the zone leaders of the mission (11 zones, 22 zone leaders) and we will be here until Tuesday afternoon. Fun stuff! It sounds like you had a really fun week! Finally school is out... It is almost July! How does that work out? I bet the students weren´t very happy about that! Hahaha. I am really glad that the surgery went well with Mom. I am sure she will be alot happier after it is all said and done. :) Do you have any fun plans for the summer? ;) Or just the same old same old? President Murri is already going? Oh bugger. That would have been fun to have discussed Paraguay a little bit. Oh! Say Hi to the Johnson family for me too!! They are so great! The Jones family... The Watson family... Jalatay´s... Ward members... family... friends... everyone! Man... I just think about everyone back home and how great you all are. It is amazing to see how the Lord gives each person a unique gift and blessing so that we can all uplift and encourage another. So cool! I imagine I will get my package tomorrow seeing as we have a general mission leader´s training (zone leaders and district leaders) so I should end up getting my mail and everything. Usually I get stuff on Monday (mail wise) so I can write letters and stuff, but it seems like this week I will have to wait a little bit. Tranquilo! No worries. It doesn´t bug me at all... sorry if it does you. When you are a missionary... priorities change. But you know that. Tranquildad total (Dicho paraguayo). Total tranquility. My English is so bad... hahaha...

Wow! Way to go Jonathan! Like the other Elder Watson said... he will be taller than either of us. But that´s all right, because I like being in Ciudad del Este and I ain´t coming back. ;)

Anyway. My week. It went by TOO quick. It didn´t seem like we had time to do anything. Due to some circumstances, the baptism got pushed back a week but the family is awesome.

It has finally gotten COLD! Like super cold. I am sure not as cold as Rio Gallegos (Guy yay goes) but still cold enough for me. Leaving at 1 in the morning to get here was so cold............. not cool. But it shouldn´t last too long. By the time August rolls around it will start getting warm again. So I don´t mind it. I´ll be in Ciudad del Este. We have some awesome members here. They just work so hard! Elder Flint and I were searching for some references yesterday and we were in an area with people just stacked upon each other. I imagine something a little like Buenos Aires, but less sophisticated. Then we climbed this huge hill, and we came out to a bunch of mandioca fields (yucca) with a few houses here and there. Here there is just a little bit of everything!!! It is crazy! We are teaching a few good families and are seeing a lot of progress. We are also in the process of finding new families to teach. Life is awesome! We should be having a baptism this weekend of a family (pray please!!!) and are progressing really well with todos! It is a blast to be a missionary. Sorry that I don´t have to say too much this week... I will look for things to say next week! :)

Well, I love you all! Take care of yourselves! Send my love to everyone! Saludos a todos! I will keep you in my prayers for you health and strength! Keep pressing forward in the work of the Lord!


Elder D. Watson

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