Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Family!

I didn´t forget this year! Last year I did forget... whoops! Things are so much different... one just forgets sometimes. ;) I missed the email this week, but I am sure everything is okay! This week was pretty good, not much happening but that´s the way it is sometimes.

Well, like I said last week, we started it off out in Asuncion for a couple of meetings on Monday and Tuesday. We got back pretty late Tuesday night, but safe and sound. Wednesday was a workday, but we finished it off with a ´movie night´ for Ward Night watching the movie Joseph Smith: Prophet of the restoration. Pretty sweet! Thursday... nothing to special happened. Except that Elder Sorensen, one of the district leaders in the zone, came to my area to do interchanges. He was in my very first district here in Paraguay and has one more change in the mission than I do. We had quite a good time teaching together and catching up on what has gone on in the mission.  He said something I really liked - that in these 2 years we have the opportunity to talk with anyone and everyone, because that is what we do! We have an excuse to do it - to change the lives of others so that they can come unto Christ. Gotta love the mission experiences. Friday we had a recent convert came with us to go teaching, and it was an awesome experience. It is so cool to see how the gospel completely changes someone´s life. Saturday was a good experience too! All of our plans fell through in the morning, so we decided to go to a contact´s house that we had done a while ago (before I got here) and he let us in! And it turned out that they were going through a couple of tough experiences and our message was just right for them! They loved it and wanted us to come back the next day. Which we did, and shared a little bit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about the Book of Mormon. They were so excited to be able to read the Book of Mormon. I´m jazzed. :). I had a similar experience in Carapegua (part of my last area) and I am so excited to be a missionary. It’s just so sweet. Sunday was a good day too. We had 6 investigators in church! We are having a baptism this week too (no matter what) of a family that is ready to go! A new family, the Rolim family, in the ward (from Brazil, they moved here about 2 months ago) invited us over to their apartment in downtown, so we went and did an activity about sharing the gospel with people they knew. They are an amazing family, and even though they don´t know anyone, they were really willing to find people to share the gospel with. I am definitely going to try and learn the basics of Portuguese... it will be cool! On Sunday, we found a guy that didn´t really understand Spanish, so I tried to teach a little in Guarani. It worked! A little bit... hahaha. I am not the best, but it is cool being able to teach principles of the Gospel in other languages.

Well, my time is up. Don´t know where it ran off. I love you all so much! Please take care of yourselves!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Elder D. Watson

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