Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Searching for Investigators

Hola Familia!

Wow! Sounds like you had a fun week! Nothing rather exciting! That´s always good. Oh man... dentist appointments. I am sure they are going to throw a fit with my teeth since I haven´t seen a dentist in a year and a half... hahaha. But mind you I brush my teeth well - much better than what I did when I was home. I´m sorry for the teeth pains - those are no fun at all. At least you´ll feel better afterwards! Elder Flint tells me that his parents too saw Harry Potter and said it was awesome. Eh. Little boys and girls waving sticks at each other. Fun stuff. ;)

Well... this week! We were searching, searching and more searching for new investigators. I am sorry if my English is bad. Anyways. We had an awesome contact on Monday  - there was a young man (20´s) walking back to his home about 9 at night, while we too were heading home. We stopped him and began conversing a bit. He began to ask us what is it that we do, with what purpose, and how. So we explained a little bit about families being united, and he explained to us about an argument he had just had with a pastor right before we talked to him. He basically told us his life story summed up in 5 minutes about going to every church he could find and family problems coming from this. He chose not to follow his mother´s new religion because he knew it wasn´t true, and in faith walked out of his house so that he could find the way to follow Christ truthfully. Since then he had lots of problems, but things were starting to look up in his life. We explained that God listens to our prayers, and that we weren´t here to obligate anyone, only to invite others to come unto Christ. We invited him to pray to know the truth of what we were saying and he told us - hey... No one has ever told me that. They only ever try to obligate me to follow their commandments and rules, but never to pray to know the truth. You know... that seems right. I like this! We fixed a appointment to visit him and we are now working to help his faith in Jesus Christ grow. Awesome! :) I love the fact that we can invite all to ask our Heavenly Father to know the truth of all things. It is a powerful promise that only the true church of Jesus Christ can offer to the people. We had interviews this week also with President Callan, which was an awesome experience as always. We went on divisions later in the week with a trainer, Elder Butler who came with me to Ciudad del Este. He also has a twin who is serving in Neuquen. Fun stuff! There are a lot of twins in my mission. Elders Massey, Harwell, Butler, and some more but they´ve already headed home. It´s kind of funny to tell the truth. Hahaha

Well, my time is up again... where does the time go??? I love you all so very much!! Take care of yourselves!!!!!! LOVE

Elder David Watson

PS. Yay! Please tell the Martinez´s Hi and that I love them! (Hola Familia Martinez!! Gracias por su amor y todo! Les extraño y les quiero!!)

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