Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Day

Dear Family

Pioneer day? What´s that? ;) Elder Flint asked me if I knew what yesterday was and I almost didn´t remember. Luckily I guessed and I was right!! Elder RAY!!!!!! Oh man! I remember him!!! Wow... time flies doesn´t it! Other than that, sounds like your week was rather calm. Sweet! And you are teaching a class online mom? Since when? Cool jacks! Sounds like fun! Katey´s wedding? Awwwwww man!  I want to see that! Well, I guess I will have to settle for pictures. That´s alright.

Alright! This week! WOO HOO! Well, there are changes (Awesome being a zone leader I know them today!! :) ) and my new companion will be Elder Eddy. He is coming from Coronel Oviedo. I don´t know him too well, just that he has a transfer more than I do and that we are going to work! I also have to play tour guide a little bit because our area is being split in 2 and they are opening Ciudad del Este 1.2 (A second part of the First ward). So we will have 4 missionaries in the ward now! Which is awesome because our area is really big! It´s a relief now that we can focus on a part of the area without worrying about forgetting all of the other people. Pretty sweet! It will be a fun week this week, but I am so excited!! :) More missionary work!

We have been finding tons of new investigators these past two weeks and we are excited to keep working with them and helping them progress! We are working with a Brazilian neighbor of ours who has a thick thick accent on his Portuguese. Kind of hard to understand, but he is really willing to change and leave his addictions behind. So excited! Another neighbor is half Paraguayan, half Brazilian, and we are starting to teach her as well. It is fun teaching Brazilians because they are so different! Plus I can learn Portuguese! :D.

I have such a strong testimony of the word of wisdom and the law of chastity - they might be super ´unpopular´ but they are some of the most important commandments God has given to us. If only the world could live these 2 commandments, families would be so much happier and united. How many single mothers are out there without a husband? And how many times has alcohol, tobacco or drugs destroyed a family? I testify that these are actual commandments from a loving Heavenly Father who gives them to us so that we can be free! Free from addiction, free from physical and spiritual damage, and families that are united and free from hate, suspicion and filled with love and confidence. I don´t care who says they are stupid - know that they come from God. There are heavy heavy consequences from breaking these 2 commandments, as they not only affect the person who breaks the commandment, but also their loved ones, be it friends, spouse, or innocent children. Can you imagine Christ breaking these commandments? I testify that He would NOT, He who is our perfect example. He who has a perfect love, charity, patience, understanding. Live the promise of Christ himself - John 7:17. He who does these things will know if they come from My Father (Christ being the Son of our Holy Father in Heaven) or if I speak by Myself. (Roughly translated). Not only is Christ our divine Savior and Redeemer, but He did nothing that was against the will of our Father in Heaven. Try it, See. Put your faith in God and live the commandments. You might be surprised to see the blessings that will come flowing! I know it to be true - and I will stand by it!

Alrighty... enough of my rant. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. I love being ordained by His Holy Priesthood to proclaim repentance. I glory not in myself, but the Mercy, Power and Love of Him who has called me to this holy calling. I glory in the fact that He has allowed me to change, and that I am learning how to be molded by His perfect hands. I declare unto all that this is no invented idea. No invented power. No invented authority. I have been called by a LIVING prophet to be a Witness of Jesus Christ for these 2 years. I have seen His hand work in the lives of the people of Paraguay. I have seen lives change. I have seen sadness turn into joy and happiness, and desperation turn into hope. Have faith. Have hope. Search for the truth. And once you find it, calling upon God to know the truthfulness thereof, NEVER let go. NEVER LET GO. I KNOW without a doubt that this is the ONLY true church of Jesus Christ. The only place where we find modern revelation, having the privilege of being guided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our days. I testify will all of my heart that he who diligently seeks the truth, shall find it. And he will be forever changed by it. I personally have seen my life change and hope that I can continue changing my life to live in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all so much!!! Take care of yourselves! CHAU!!!!!!!

Lots of love

Elder Watson

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