Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Family!

What a joy to hear from you! I am glad that everything is going well for you all. I am sorry but I have to keep this rather short. So everything necessary!

This week. BAPTISM! AND MAWWWWWWWWAIGE! Yeah! So cool. Basically a miracle happened. A couple we were teaching completely changed their lives. They decided to get married and baptized. So cool. And her brother who is a recent convert baptized them. So cool! The Ciudad del Este First Ward helped out SO MUCH!! It would not have been possible without them! This is my first ward that actually functions like the states! It is amazing to see what happens when a ward does its part so that the missionaries are just missionaries! Miracles happen! SWEET! So excited! I am sending pictures. Some of divisiones, most of the mawaiage and baptism. Don´t laugh I can´t spell anymore.

Anyway. We are working hard to stay focused and find more people to teach. Elder Flint will be ending his mission in a few weeks so we are really focused on the mission work and not time.

I am so glad to hear that all is well at home. That mom is healing and dad swimming. Happy day! Take care of yourselves. Really I mean it. Don´t sweat it. Take care!! I LOVE YOU!!

Elder David Watson

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