Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Week!

Dear Family

First off, Mom... I said less than 138... hehehehehe... but I hadn´t taken the time to count exactly... ;). But anyway, it doesn´t look like I will have to count because you are already doing it. I am waiting also to hear the travel plans... as for me and my part, I won´t know until the very last few weeks. You should be receiving as well an email about the official plans. Yo no sé. No idea...

Well, this week was super fun. We had a blast! It was one of our investigator´s birthdays, so we got the members involved and had a little birthday party. It was super `fun and she really liked it. One of our investigators moved to Buenos Aires, but we are still teaching his girlfriend here. She is pretty sincere! We had our part member family come to church again this week, so that was really awesome! She is progressing, and we just need to help her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and look towards the temple. What else happened this week? Not much, we are helping our investigators progress, and we are in the process of finding more investigators. Opening up an area is kind of difficult, but worth the pain. Opening up Acahay was a lot easier to find people to teach, but here we are seeing a lot more progression with the investigators. We are really focusing on the Book of Mormon and sharing it with the investigators. I know it is the word of God, and it is another testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has helped me to change my life and it will change the life of anyone who reads it with an open heart.

Surfing? Dad went surfing? I want to surf!!! That´s cool... better learn fast and before I get home because that´s on my to do list. ;). Sorry for the short letter, I really do love you all. I am grateful to be here and learning so much and being able to help the people of Paraguay come closer to our loving Heavenly Father. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder David Watson

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