Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear family,

First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I didn´t forget, and I have it written in my agenda if you don´t believe me. ;). And for your birthday, like Dad´s last year... BAPTISM! Yeah! ;) What luck, huh?? Good news around the board it sounds like... I do remember you saying something about Elder Sessions a while ago... I think when I trained. Around then. Pig Latin... please no. English is hard enough. Hahaha. The paper letter? It should arrive in time (1 month´s time) and that would be cool to get right before Christmas. Digamos a christmas present. ... Digamos would be.... let´s say? Something like that. Kewl... 14 hours of school. It works.

Alrighty. This week. Hard, but good. BAPTISM!!!! Yeah!! Finally!!!! But we did receive some rather strange news on Wednesday... Blanca, the lady who was going to be baptized, was told by her older son who is 21 that they had been baptized about 12 years ago in Ca´aguazu (Where I started). She didn´t remember anything, but we sent off her information in search of the truth. Lots of calls between the office, the missionaries in Ca´aguazu, and finally an email to Buenos Aires confirmed that she is a member, on Friday morning. CRAZY!!!! That drove us both up the wall because we had to figure out stuff for her interview, the baptism that weekend, but in the end, everything came out really well. Her son, Hugo, got baptized and was SUPER EXCITED! Elder Eddy baptized him and it went really well. Hugo even participated in the Primary program this Sunday, and did a great job! It is so cool to see his energy and excitement, and that his mom has a new growing testimony with which we are going to baptize her other son who isn´t a member and work with the oldest son and his girlfriend. Yeah! Rain threatened to postpone everything, but with the help of members and their cars (WHAT A BLESSING IT IS TO HAVE A CAR!!!!!) everything came out really well. We also had a big scare on Wednesday, the second counselor and the Bishop had a motorcycle accident, the 2nd counselor is a motorcycle taxi driver, and as they were approaching the Bishop´s house and turning the corner, another motorcycle slammed into them at full speed from behind. Luckily, they both were wearing their helmets and nobody was hurt really bad. Even the kid who crashed (and wasn´t wearing a helmet) came out of it all right... it will take a while for him to get back on his feet though. We found out when the 2nd counselor got home with his beat up bike and pretty torn up clothing... so after giving him a blessing, we went to the Bishop´s house the next day and gave him a blessing too. Motorcycles are insane... but everything came out alright. What a blessing. We are still working hard and trying our best. Life is good, and that´s the way the cookie crumbles.

Well... that´s about it. Happy happy birthday, have a great week. I love you. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Please please take care of yourselves. LOVE YOU!!!

Elder David Watson

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