Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Family

Well, it sounds like you had a great week! That is awesome! I did have Bill Garfield as a sub before. That is sad to hear that he passed away.

Being busy is good... better than having nothing to do!!! :D.

This week was all right. We´ve had to drop a few of our investigators because they weren´t progressing. That´s always a little hard to do, especially when they are very good people. That´s life though. We have to make changes if we hope to become better. We did find a family this week that has been going through some tough times. The mom had some experiences with the church when she was a youth and has desires to change. Her kids are pretty funny... every one of them has a nickname for around the house. The oldest kid, Marcos, is 16 plays the guitar really well and sings. He is in a youth group type of thing where they have a band that plays religious music. He played a song at the end of a lesson that was pretty cool to listen to. They are all super good people so we are going to help them progress!! We also were working with a couple, Craig and Daniela. Craig is a return missionary from the 90´s and his wife is from Argentina who has known the church for a very long time. They have been coming to church, and their little girls participated in the primary presentation the other week. They are progressing little by little, so we will see where that comes out to. Another member from who lived in San Lorenzo brought his girlfriend (who is a lawyer!!) to church and she is interested in the church. Currently she is living in another area but she will be moving this week. Hopefully she will progress too! That´s all that we´ve got for now... but this week should be a good one. And yes, it is raining here. But that´s nothing new... it´s been raining every weekend for the past month, except yesterday. Which was nice. But yeah, we are working, and hopefully everything will come out the way we planned!

Thank you for your love and support. It means a lot for me. Take care of yourselves! I LOVE YOU!!!

Elder David Watson

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