Monday, January 11, 2010

Elder Watson's First Letter Home (His Preparation Day is Monday)

Dear Mom and Dad (and everybody),

I'm glad to hear that you got home safely. I sure do miss the warm weather though. How is everything at home? Well, I hope! Did you get the flat tire fixed? I would think that Flash would miss Mike more, but oh well. I can always get a new one. Have you heard anything from the travel office yet?

Life here is great! It's getting kind of difficult to think in English though. I'm really picking up Spanish well. I've already written a couple of lesson plans in Spanish. Yay! I see Elders Raymond, Day, and Wilkes (one of the guys from my ward who is going to Argentina also) more than I do Mike. It's all good though. I really love how the Spirit is so strong here. It really assists in learning Spanish and the lessons that we need to learn.

It feels like it has been weeks here. There's a saying 'round here, and it goes something like, "The weeks pass like days, and the days pass like weeks." Each day seems like forever, but looking back at the past week it feels like it has been less than a day. It is weird, but if you were here, you would understand.

The typical day I spend about eight and a half hours in class, either learning Spanish or Gospel principles, or both; One hour in gym (the five days I have class); and about two hours in the cafeteria (breakfast, lunch and dinner combined); and about an hour of daily planning and review. I have classes Tuesday through Saturday, Sunday being the Sabbath and Monday my preparation day. On Sundays, I have a LOT of study time, a two hour block of church (Priesthood and Sacrament meeting), and an hour temple walk where we get to walk around the temple grounds. On Mondays, we attend a temple session as a district in the morning, and we have all afternoon for free time (writing letters, laundry, etc.) until 6, when we have class again.

My companion is Elder Burley, who is from Chandler, Arizona and is also going to Paraguay. He's a pretty good guy, and we work well together. What's funny is that Elder Gillette, who is in my district, has a twin. And his twin's companion is Elder Watson. Yup, Mike. Also, the Elder Gillette who is in my district is going to Buenos Aires North too. It's interesting to see how things work out here.

Well, my time's about up. I miss everyone! If you have the chance, please write! It's really cool to see how everyone is doing. I know that my time spent here preparing to serve the people in Paraguay, as well as my time spent serving the people of Paraguay, will be some of the best two years of my life. I know that God lives and loves each and every one of us, and His Son Jesus Christ came to the Earth to be our perfect example. If we follow Christ's teachings, especially love for our fellow mankind, we can greatly improve ourselves and the people around us. All we have to do is come unto Him - He is waiting with outstretched arms. If you have doubt about that, please pray to our Father in Heaven and ask if He loves you. I promise if you will sincerely do this, with real desire and faith that He will answer you, Heavenly Father will manifest His love unto you through the power of the Holy Ghost. It won't be amazing, loud or pronounced though - you will have to pay deep attention to how you feel. When I do this, I feel peace and comfort. I love all of you, and I only want the best for you. God Bless!!


Elder David Watson

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  1. Wow! Great letter! Glad he gets to see Alec! -Darlene