Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Week in the MTC

Hey Mom and Dad! (And Everybody)

I'm glad everything at home is going well! It's been pretty cold here, but it is Utah, so what can I expect?

Hahahaha! I can SOOOO picture Flash doing that! I hope everyone got a laugh out of it, 'cause I sure would have! {He is speaking of the picture where Flash is staring at the bookcase}

Life here flies by so fast! It's pretty routine, except for the times Elder Burley and I get the chance to go to the Teaching Evaluation Center (TEC) and work with return missionaries on contacting and teaching lessons. We went to the Referral Center this week as a district and made some outbound calls to make sure that people received the item that they wanted (a Bible, Book of Mormon, Church DVD's, etc.) and talk to them about the area missionaries and if they wanted to know more about the Church. You know how I hate talking on the phone, but I learned that if I go in with a positive attitude, it helps!

To answer your questions - first, I can read letters whenever I get them, except during class. "DearElder" letters come like any other mail, just usually during the evening sorting which is done by 5 PM. I just have to wait for Pday to write people back. Yes, we took a picture of the 4 of us {David, Michael, Alec and Joshua} and I just put it in the mailbox to be sent. I usually write my letters before and during laundry. After I study or talk with missionaries who have been here longer to get some good advice. My district has a total of 10 Elders, and our fearless leader is Elder Clyde from Bluffdale, Utah. There actually hasn't been any snow - just a little rain today. That's been the first precipitation since I've been here - so no snowmen. My classes are great! We either have one of two teachers, Hermano Hanson or Hermano Clarke, who are both excellent teachers. We normally study Spanish (grammar, vocabulary...) or how to teach Gospel principles. I don't really know how to describe it except that they are teaching us what we need to know out in the mission field.

I love you guys and I miss you! I don't quite know what else to say at the moment, besides that this is the second time I've typed this message because decided to reset. Take care of yourselves and always do what's right!

Love ya!

Elder David Watson

{The comments inside the brackets {} are side notes by me to explain what he is referring to.}

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