Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hola Familia!

How are you? It sounds like life is going pretty good. I hope that Dad is feeling better already... it is never fun to be sick. It is so weird to think that it is starting to warm up there and that summer is slowly coming to an end. I love being here in Paraguay!

The mission work is going good! We are finding many people who want to hear the word of God. I don’t have any amazing stories or anything... just lots of small things everyday that we do to help the people progress and know the truth for themselves.

There is a less active man who came back to church with his wife (who is not a member), by themselves, and she absolutely loved being at church. We didn’t have much time to talk with her, but the members were excited to see her there with her husband and being excited about being at church. We are pretty excited to go visit with them and get her ready to be baptized, hopefully soon! Also, some of the members just told us that they know some friends that were preparing to be baptized, something happened but that they were still interested. So we are excited to see the work progress and hopeful we are going to have a baptism soon!

There is also a Paraguayan thing that is called ‘Carnaval’ where everyone throws water balloons at each other and spray can foam. Even the adults get in on it... I was so surprised to see a older woman chuck a water balloon at a passing motorcycle. Luckily, we haven’t been made targets, except in the houses of members. So it’s not so bad.

Well... that’s my news. We are just chugging along. I hope that life is going pretty well over there! Keep your spirits up and keeping on doing the right thing every day. It is never late to make changes in our lives to keep the commandments like praying, reading the scriptures, or going to church. He just wants us to start now and never look back. He’s willing to help us do that, if we do our part. And it all starts with a little step. By the way, the Book of Mormon is a huge help. Not kidding. :)

Love you all! Take care of yourselves!


Elder Watson

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