Monday, February 28, 2011

Out With The Old...

Hola Familia!

You think your week has gone by so fast... Well, so has mine. It’s crazy!

I’m kinda sad to hear that the Malibu is now in the junk yard... but it is a Chevy. What could we want? Hahahaha... just kidding. Anyway, at least life is going good for you all. Life will be crazy as always, but we have to live with it and deal with it. :) Woo hoo!

Well, well, well... this week. We had our zone conference with President Callan, which was pretty COOL. We talked about how to teach better; what prayer is and how using the Book of Mormon will help our investigators understand their role in learning the truth for themselves. We also learned about the Atonement and its role in our life. It was awesome to learn more about the role of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice in our lives. There was a lot of rain in the beginning of the week, but it has finally let up for a few days. We have been focusing on two different parts of our area, but unfortunately each one is about an hour walking distance (some 4 or 5 kilometers) so we have to rotate our days with where we are. Oh! Funny story! We were tracting yesterday and we came up to a house full of guys working, and they invited us in. They asked us if we want to paint, and we said sure! So we taught and painted at the same time... hahaha! The guy who is moving there asked us, Do you know who Joseph Smith is? He is the best! I’ve read his book and everything! Then he told us he liked talking about religion and that his only problem is drinking. He was pretty cool, so we will see where this one goes! :) We had one investigator who came to church this week even though he had an operation on his leg a while back, and it is awesome to see his progress. He said he really liked being at church and that the 3 hours weren’t really that long at all. We are hoping to have a couple of baptisms by the 23rd of March, and if all goes well, we will! :). It is really awesome to see how the Book of Mormon changes people’s lives. Anyone who sincerely reads the book and studies the doctrines and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and prays and asks our Heavenly Father to know that it is true will know that it really is the word of God.

Wow... time really flew by on me today. Sorry for the short letter! I really do appreciate all of your love and support! May the Lord bless you!

Elder David Watson

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