Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Brownies & OJ - YUM!

Wow... has time really gone by that fast? (He has been in Paraguay 1 year now). That is really, really fast. I am glad that you had a great week! Our week was interesting so I am going to start out...

Baptism! That’s right! We are going to have another baptism! We are really excited because she is the wife of a member who coming back into church activity. She is awesome! We have taught her for three weeks now and she is very knowledgeable! Her husband is awesome and talks to her about the Gospel every day. She told us… I don’t think I am ready, but after we had a bomb awesome lesson with a returned local missionary (She served for 3 months as a companion with the full time missionaries here in my mission) and said a kneeling prayer, she was more convinced. The next day in church we asked her if we could announce her baptism for this Saturday, and she said sure! YEAH! And afterward, we dropped by their house to talk with them and she said she has a question. At this point I was like... ummm uh oh. But then she asked what clothing she needed for the baptism. YEAH! So cool! We are really pumped for this Saturday. And we have found a few young families so it is going to be pretty sweet! Needless to say we are pretty excited. It has still been hard to find families and people that progress, but there are miracles! All of the time and I am loving it! :) This week is going to be pretty sweet! I already know it! :)

Well time has run out once again. I don’t know how... but it’s gone. I love you all! Take care of yourselves! I know that the Lord loves each and every one of us and helps us when we do our part.

Love ya!!

Elder David Watson

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