Monday, March 14, 2011

More Than a Year Out in the Field... Wow!

Hey family!

Well, I missed hearing from you guys this week. I’ll just get to read 2 letters next week I guess. ;). I am sure everything is going great! :)

This week was pretty good! We had a baptism on Saturday! At the same time one of the member’s daughters turned 8 that same day so we had a double baptism. Everything turned out really well! I was surprised that something DIDN’T go wrong. Elder Hatch baptized her (his first!!) and did a great job. Count your many blessings, huh? I just might beat Murphy’s Law... just maybe... hahaha. We had another cool experience that happened too! Well, more than one. The first is that we were tracting and after contacting a house, a little boy came up to us and said that his dad was home. So we went, and we found out that the man had been investigating the church almost a year ago, but he had moved to our area and lost contact with the missionaries. He’s really intelligent, and he learned to read by reading the Bible. Just a cool fact. Another contact we made in the street was really similar. He was walking with his little daughter, and he asked us, do you speak Spanish? We talked for a second and he told us that he had gone to church once, about 3 years ago, but had to move from the Chaco (Northern Paraguay) to our area where we found him. We are pretty excited to go back and teach him. Life is just great as a missionary! I am learning so much everyday! I am really beginning to understand the kind of love that the Savior has towards us. Something I really have learned is the power and responsibility we have been given with our right to choose. It is so hard to see someone make a wrong decision, but you know that you can’t make the decision for them. In many cases they won’t let you either. But to see someone make the right decision? WOW! How happy you are!! It’s just incredible! There is no way to describe it! It’s so amazing to see the changes someone makes in their life in accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Sunday School they talked about the parable of the Sower and HOW TRUE IT IS!!! Personally, as someone working for the Lord, I have seen every type of seed. It doesn’t make you angry to see a seed that hasn’t grown, rather just sad and disappointed. I have no control in making the seed grow, but I can help create the environment necessary to help it grow. But even with the perfect environment, some seeds still don’t grow. It’s a lesson I am still learning in helping all of God’s children feel His love that He has towards them and showing them the way to receive the fullness of that love. It’s called BAPTISM! Yeah! :)

Anyway, I love you all! I hope life is treating you well. Take care of yourselves. You are in my prayers. Saludos a todos! LES QUIERO! LOVE YA!!!


Elder David Watson

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