Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting to know our new area!

Hola Familia!

Hey! So Papa went up to Utah? That´s a pretty far transfer... hahaha. Sounds like you all had a fun week! I´m glad we got you out of jury duty! All the better you have sons serving a mission... ;). Haha. So life is going pretty good! That´s always good to hear!

The work here in Acahay is sure going to be interesting! There are only about 100 members here... that the members have told us. We have 28 people in church on Sunday, which is about a third! That´s pretty good! We have a baptism set for the 9th. The couple are going to get married and then he is going to be baptized. We have another girl of a less active family with a baptismal date, so we are working with that family. It´s just a little hard because there are hardly any men who are members here. The only one that I know lives an hour and a half walking from the church building, and he is a recent convert. I´ve only met him at church, so we will try to go find his house! Our Branch President lives in Paraguari, which is an hour in a bus, but he is willing to come out with us to make visits. Almost all of the members I know are from a single family, the Machuca family. The grandma is a member, almost all of her daughters and sons, and then her nieces and nephews are members. I think if all of them who are members went to church we´d have like 50 people at church. It´s a big family. Really big. Elder Griffin and I are starting to get to know the area. It´s always a process getting used to a new companion and a different way of teaching, but it´s all good. Todo tranquilo. There are a ton of fruits here, oranges, limes, and grapefruit, so we are going to do our best to make lots and lots of juice. Hahaha. Acahay is a lot like Piru, I guess. Everyone seems to be related to everyone else or at least know them or have heard of them. It´s bigger than Piru, but other than that... just like it. Now I know what the missionaries feel like going out to Piru to go teach, but at least they´ve got a car. ;). Also... it seems like it is going to be necessary to learn Guarani here... fun!

I know this is the work of the Lord and that there is a purpose in EVERYTHING. We just gotta find out what it is and do our best! Love you all! Mean it! Let´s do lunch! Take care of yourselves! Keep up all the good work and keep going strong! Love ya!


Elder David Watson

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