Monday, April 18, 2011

Grabbing a Bull by the Horn!

Dear family!

That´s great to hear how the family is doing!!! That 15-minute thing sounds like it would be really interesting. Yeah! Go Sean! That´s... next week, right? That´s awesome!! There will be 4 from the stake (or more?) here in South America!! Gotta love it!

This week was awesome! It is still REALLY hot here... It is starting to get colder with the storms, but I am still sweating like crazy! We had another baptism this week, of Mirta Ramos, who is a deaf mute! It was fun teaching her with pictures and images, but the best was seeing her smile after the baptism and the confirmation. So cool! We have been working trying to find new people to teach! It´s a little hard in a town so small, but everyday something happens to help us push forward the work. Funny story... last Monday I got my hair cut... but it came it bad!!! It kinda looks like I stuck a bowl on my head and started going at it! But it was only 5000 guarani, or about $1.25. So it´s all right!! José was ordained to the priesthood yesterday, and I got to do it! We were expecting the branch president to do it, but he told me to. I had to read a little bit of the missionary handbook, but I think I got it right! It´s hard in another language!! But it´s all good! We actually held a priesthood meeting in Church on Sunday; that was pretty cool too! There is a lot of progress, just little by little until we reach the perfection! Every day I know more of a surety that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Thomas S. Monson is God´s prophet today! I am out of time for today! I LOVE YOU ALL! PRAY! READ! GO TO CHURCH! LOVE IT! :D


Elder David Watson

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