Monday, April 11, 2011

We Have Finally Fallen Back...

Dear Family

WOW!! What a week! It was so cool! There were some little problems, like a dead cell phone 1 hour away from everything, trying to find a judge to perform a marriage, having enough witnesses for a baptism, but in the end - BAPTISM! It was so cool because I got to do it in a river! It was so awesome! A little cold too! But besides that, everything was pretty good.

We have finally fallen back an hour, but now that means it gets darker even EARLIER! Like at 6 right now... so in June and July it’ll be around 5. Makes things a little tougher for the mission work but that’s all right! We are starting to find a few families here in Acahay! The work here is a mix of working with the members and building their faith and testimonies and finding new members. It makes the work interesting because we can’t just focus on investigators. But the more we work to strengthen the branch, the easier it will be to bring investigators to church and help them have spiritual experiences that help them grow closer to Christ and receive the revelation that they need to know that this is the only and true Church of Jesus Christ.

We have another baptism this week too! She is a deaf mute that lives with a member family and we taught her using pictures and posters! It was really interesting and hard, but it’s worth it. I am sure it’s still going to be important to keep teaching and reinforcing what we have taught, but she really wants to be baptized. So we are going to keep working with her and the family so that they keep growing spiritually and have an unbreakable testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got. Thanks for all the letters I have been getting - I am working on writing back! I have about 3 letters written but no way to send them yet. So they will be going out pretty soon once I find a way. Love you all! Keep praying! Reading the scriptures! Going to church! How else can we follow Jesus unless we are willing to keep the commandments of the Father?! I know repentance is real and that there is always a way back. It just might be hard sometimes. Pero, SI SE PUEDE! You can do it! I love you all! Take care of yourselves! Keep pressing forward the in the faith!


Elder David Watson

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