Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding People in the Bush

Elder Watson & Elder Hatch
Dear Family

WOW! Good week then, huh? {Cliff is able to wear regular shoes now} That is so great to hear. I bet Dad was so glad to drive the car. That is so awesome to hear about how he is getting better. I bet he is so much happier. It could be that he is starting to talk a little bit more if he is a little happier... ;).. You’re going to have to be prepared when we get back because all we are going to do is talk and talk, cualquier cosa que sea, or whatever it might be because that is what we do all day, every day! Talk, discuss, and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gotta LOVE IT! :) Woo hoo!

Well, this week was hard but good. We started off the week trying to work around the church and in the area around it, but it’s not their time at the moment. So we headed to where most of the missionaries work and we are finding tons of people to teach. So I now know why missionaries have been working there. It is awesome to find people who want to learn about the Gospel and put the promise of the Book of Mormon to the test. That is all we ask. All we invite to do. Missionary work isn’t forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about helping them find the desire to follow the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the desire to find out for themselves. That is all we do as missionaries. We teach the Gospel, how the Lord Jesus Christ taught it, and help the people to put their trust in God and ask Him for an answer.

How do we know, in our hearts, that Jesus Christ is our Savior? Through prayer and by asking God. By feeling His love for us and the peace and comfort that the Holy Ghost brings. How do we know, that the Bible is the word of God, in our hearts? We have to ask God for the knowledge that only comes from Him. Paul the apostle taught that he knew what was true because the Spirit testified to his soul. That the Holy Ghost bears testimony the God the Father is the Father of our spirits. James taught that if we lack wisdom, be it knowledge, counsel, even an answer to a question, ask God. Pidála a Dios. Ask it to God. If we have faith, without any doubt, willing to act on what God tells us what is the truth, not what we want the truth be, that is when we will get an answer. It has and always will be my same invitation. Pray to God. About anything, work on finding that faith and that confidence in Him. Ask Him, if He loves you. Ask Him, if He knows you. Learn to recognize the answer. When we can do that, we will have an undying faith that God answers prayers. If we have that faith and confidence, we can ask Him anything. I invite everyone, Christian, Catholic, and Atheist, whoever it might be, to read the Book of Mormon and to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. If we know the Book of Mormon to be true, we know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth… I do it because I love you all and I want you to have the same blessings I have received. :)

I am out of time. Love you!

Chau con cariño

Elder David Watson

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